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  1. When try to apply adjustments to a photo,i.e. brightness or contast my mouse pointer will not react in a smooth way.It moves in an erratic way and the adjustment jumps left or right,I have made various adjustments within Win 10 control panel but this has not helped.This was not a problem before the last Affinity update,or maybe it was a Windows update problem?
  2. Why have the previous You Tube videos been deleted?,some of them had far better tips,i.e. global cloning etc: These could have still been retained as well as adding the new content.
  3. Could anyone explain the use of the custom blur tool,and how to use this in a workflow.I have played around with it for a little while and can see that it does create a blur effect,however what effect do the input numbers effect the image in a specific way.Also can these inputs be saved and used in other editing another image.
  4. Whe n uploading a NEF RAW file the lens details are not displayed,instead there is a combination of letters and numbers and it says (unknown).
  5. Thanks Mark for solving this small but annoying problem.
  6. HURRA!!! Problem fixed.
  7. Thank you Laurentia,for your input to my problem,and also to Mark for clearing up the same.I use another library program so I have the EXIF data there to reference from.So now I do not have to rely on AP for this info in the future.
  8. I am sorry Mark but this has not been fixed,and I have the latest 251 update.I agree with you on the EXIFTOOL,however this does need updating it is quite a few behind.Looking forward to having this problem resolved,although to some it might seem minor.
  9. Hi Walt,that is the problem I do not see it running in Task Manager on the beta version,although it still has the exif data embedded when I open the exif drop down menu.However it does not show the lens on the top line.
  10. Here are 2 clips one from the stable and on e from the beta,these are in resources.They both show the exifdata file,so why does the exiftool not open in the beta version?
  11. I still have had no response to my original post from Affinity,I have as you can see sent a copy of a photo for them to investigate.I thank you for looking into this for me,I will now try to find how to update the exiftool,I can see I have a version on my system. I find it rather strange nobody else has posted having the same problem.
  12. Hi Chris a typical RAW file.JAC_0271.NEF
  13. Hi Chris, This is a clip showing the problem,as you can see this would normally show the lens type.
  14. Would love that I could change the default colors in the image layer in Windows,as it can be done in the Mac version.If I could change the colors as I make adjustments it would easier to identify them. I would also like to congratulate the team for the new 1.7 version as this loads twice as fast as the previous.Keep up the great work you are doing.
  15. I am sure there are many people out there more technical minded to answer my question.I have not calibrated my monitor (I know I should) however I am thinking of purchasing a A3 color printer.After I watched one of James Ritson videos I decided to try the soft proofing method.Under the list of proofing methods I found my monitor listed in 2 different positions (see snip) and as you can see from the photo snip the sun is out of Gamut.My question being is the fact the sun is out of Gamut due to the fact my monitor is not calibrated as this does not occur with the sRGB only in the linear config.Or am I totally misunderstanding the various soft proofing profiles?
  16. Thank you all for your replies,the problem does not now appear after calibrating my monitors.It was at the closing of James Ritson's video that inspired me to investigate the possibility of some creative applications for this method. I do have one further question,when deciding to have some photos printed by a professional studio should I ask them for their printer profile/paper profile so I am able to soft proof them in Affinity before I send the for printing?
  17. I do realise this,my question why is this happening?
  18. Thank you R-CR/ FD for your replies,that has cleared up the mystery.I will however now look into whether this can be applied in Windows 10.
  19. Is there a way to change the default color of blue in the layer/image/pixel adjustment on the right.I have seen this displayed as a brown color in some Affinity videos,or is this only applicable to OS computers and not on Windows?
  20. I am by no means a computer geek,however I am having a big problem since the latest update in Photo 1,6,5,123.My cpu usage is up to 98% when loading a raw file of 12Mps,when developed all editing is very slow and delayed in it's action.I opened up task manager to see there is a duplicate of Affinity Photo is this correct?
  21. Panlumix

    Windows 10

    Sorry I forgot to ask does the size of the raw file have any effect as I have tried with 12mp and 24 mp files or is it better to develop them and the downsize the image file?
  22. Panlumix

    Windows 10

    Yes it maybe time to update,my thought is that I had no problems before the latest update from Affinity.I will try using destructive filters instead to see if that works better.Thanks for your input.
  23. Panlumix

    Windows 10

    Yes Gabriel I only use live filters,I have just been trying again and brushes and clone for example are very jittery.There is a delay before the edit takes effect,this is in RAW and JPEG.
  24. Panlumix

    Windows 10

    Hi John,I have been into all of the background apps and disabled them.I am using Bitdefender and that is not giving me a problem.I have just tried resetting Affinity to factory setting.Have not had a chance to test all the various editing processes, will however keep you informed as to whether this has solved the problem.Would be great if affinity could run on Linux.
  25. Panlumix

    Windows 10

    Hi Gabriel,it looks like I have a 2nd generation 2130 3,4 Ghz P1060559.RW2