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  1. martial_loh

    Affinity Photo 1.7.1 still bugged

    Having the same issues here. Incredibly slow saving (usually resulting in a crash), many tools being laggy and crashy.. I'm really disappointed with these 1.7 updates. Could we at least get access to the 1.6 version on Testflight somehow? I understand if you all don't want to revert on the main app store. Just let us go back to the working build, before we give up and start using some other software again.
  2. martial_loh

    Copy Flattened?

    Ah brilliant, I'd wrongly assumed it would remove the layers I was merging. Thanks!
  3. martial_loh

    Copy Flattened?

    Hi all, can anyone tell me if its currently possible to do a "copy flattened" function in the ipad version of this software? I've been looking through the menus and personas but can't see anything obvious.. I would very much like it to be added if it's not there, as I use it a hell of a lot whilst developing ideas etc. thanks
  4. martial_loh

    Custom Brush Category Causes Crash

    Thanks Chris, that worked a treat. Also good to know about that startup method.
  5. martial_loh

    Custom Brush Category Causes Crash

    Hi, I thought I'd add to this thread instead of making a new one. Just purchased A-P this morning. I can't seem to reset the brushes as you've described. I get a message saying it's "Failed to reset to factory settings". Pressing the "reset" button in the custom brush window also doesn't do anything. Any ideas?