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  1. Hi Lee Toggling the develop assistant makes no discernible difference. Changing the raw engine does make a difference in how the output looks, but it's not fixing the problem (i.e. it looks naff no matter which engine is selected). At this stage it looks like I cannot batch process raw files with Affinity Photo :(
  2. When I run a batch job on some raw files using a macro I have created, the saved jpegs come out differently to when I run the same macro on files individually. Is there something I am missing? See attached photo: Left is individual output, and right is batch output. This only happens with raw files (olympus .orf) and not if run it on a jpeg. I can change the output of batch jobs to a degree by changing the develop assistant options, but I cannot get the result I wanted. I assume the problem is something to do with the develop persona, which I cannot record a macro for, but automatically runs when I open a raw file. Thanks for any help.
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