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  1. Hi thanks, so I could lock the button and put it inside a container, and set it to only resize horizontally when the container change size, that kind of works. I was hoping there was a way to lock only some of the nodes in a shape, but I guess that is not possible at the moment. (And there are probably good reasons for that(?))
  2. I am trying to make a button with a fixed height but variable width. Is it possible to lock the height of an element without also locking the width?
  3. Ok thanks. However that did not work on the first crash for some reason, I got no option to recover when opening my project. But I tested it now by killing the process, and it worked as expected.
  4. Just started using the Windows version, and the app just crashed and I had not saved for +- an hour. Is it possible to turn on autosave in Windows?