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  1. I see, thanks again for the quick answer.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer! Is there any legal way to sell/trade my license key, or this is against your terms and conditions?
  3. Hello, guys, I bought AD for windows last year and now I have switched to macOS. Is there any way I can switch the license from the win to mac version, or there's no such thing?
  4. That actually looks pretty neat, I can totally see myself using it, or using it in combination with AD, thanks for the link :) Let's just hope that the PC version won't come too long after the Mac one.
  5. Hello, guys! The following questions are aimed just to pleasure my own curiosity, but you can as well see them as requests. 1. Are you guys planning on bringing some kind of UX prototyping directly in AD? Be it with AD's own tools or opening the program for plugins? I've had AD for a while now and I'm really happy with what it gives me and that raises the question "what next?". I've seen the roadmap on this forum, but I'm really wondering if some UI/UX prototyping is planned at all? Maybe a different persona, maybe a different app? 2. This maybe is something even bigger than UI/UX, but will there be any sort of cloud sync? By any means I know it can't be like CC, but something that syncs our assets like brushes, fonts, etc? As I said, I saw the roadmap and I know that these things aren't there, but the main question is are they considered for future additions? Bottom line - I'm really, really happy with AD. For the past few days I'm doing all of my work inside it and I'm not having any problems at all. Well, I still can't afford the luxury to delete Ps and Ai, mainly because of some work collaborations with people that use them, but if you keep up the good work and if AD continues to improve compatibility with Adobe apps, I can surely see myself buying Photo too and ditching all of the Adobe apps. I hope someone from the devs will give at least some partial info on this :) Have a great day, guys!
  6. Yeah, it's mostly vector and a bit of raster, mainly for mockups, exporting for web or finishing touches on some designs. Thanks for the answer, but can you tell me something about my first and second questions, it'll be a great help :) Cheers :D
  7. Hello, community! For a few weeks now I've been active looking into Affinity Designer/Photo apps. I'm a graphic designer, which is trying to level up his game to web/UI/UX design. The only experience with design apps that I have is with Photoshop, Illustrator aaand really little bits of InDesign. Since my workflow doesn't need InDesign, I won't ask about Affinity Publisher, but I have some questions about Photo/Designer. Now, I have done my research and already know what features these two can give me. There are quite a few things that I'd miss leaving Ps/Ai, but I saw that most of them are to be added to future releases. I really like what I am seeing (for now only on videos) from the team behind Affinity and since Illustrator's UI is a mess I'm looking for something that can take me away from Adobe and their money-grabbing policy. So, now the questions: I read that at this time there is no import of smart objects in PSDs. I couldn't care less for smart objects if I'm the only one who works on a project, but since that's not always the case - How do Smart Objects appear in AD in imported PSD that have them? I mean I know they aren't smart objects, but what they are - raster layers, vector layers or they aren't appearing at all? It may be a really dumb questions, but since I missed the beta I can't seem to find a way other than asking to know about this. Second - Symbols. Oh man, that looks so cool! And the question is really similar to the first one. If I work in AD with a document that has these symbols, I export it to PSD and send it to someone who uses Photoshop, how will they appear and act in Ps? Will they be editable or they'll just be raster layers? Third, more Illustrator related. I see that AD can't open native .ai files and works only with .eps of that matter? Is everything with the import/export of the .eps files alright? And last, but not least, I would like to ask the devs and the community about their honest opinion. As I said, I'm a graphic designer and I'm trying to figure out will this thing work out for me. I do mainly branding/logo design/banners for social media and T-shirt designs. The other thing is that I'm starting to learn web design and stuff, which is really attracting my interest since I can't draw to save my life. I wouldn't be asking that question if I wasn't on a REALLY tight budget right now (that doesn't change the fact that AD is like free compared to Adobe), but are you recommending AD and AP to me? And by work out I mean not only the features its got, but how it is accepted in an Adobe ruled market and will it hurt my work with some clients along the way? I'm sorry for the long post, or if these questions have been asked before, but I have to sort a few things out before buying. Also, if any of you can link me with some resources/tutorials on how to get the maximum out of AD for graphic/web design I'll be really grateful, because it looks quite like Illustrator, but I feel there will be some small differences that if one doesn't know will get really annoyed. Thank you for your time reading this post, and for the devs - keep the good work, guys, your product looks really great and if you're motivated to make it better and better I can see it stealing a big part of Adobe's market share.