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  1. Definitiv: Serif/Affinity - nichts anderes mehr! Thanks a lot for your marvelous work! It excites me more and more from day to day.
  2. JA! Genau rechtzeitig gesehen... spart mir viel Gefrickel.... Danke, Nobat.
  3. Hi MEB, please don`t forget on this.... Thanks A LOT in advance!
  4. Toll Norbert, Danke. Allerdings hatte ich erwartet, dass ich damit - wie in der Überschrift (YouTube) versprochen - eine Möglichkeit finde, dass der Sturm nicht so stark wird. Eben so, wie Du schreibst: WindErholungsmuster - aber das war wohl nix. Trotzdem: zum Bauen von Wiederholungsmustern: SUPER! Stets gern zu Diensten... (weisste ja *gröhl*)
  5. Oh... these are well done! Helps me - thank you very much!
  6. Hi Angela, I think this is still an ongoing problem Serif has to fix in one of the next versions. This here is still the (only?) work around: Happy greetings from Germany Klaus Edit: Oooops... didn`t see your last post...
  7. Sorry. Tried all of that temp-deleting - problem is still alive: Affinity Designer cannot be closed in normal way - must be shot down by Taskmanager. This is really enervating...
  8. Stuart, could you (or anybody else...) give me the name of these files or a hint? In my temp-folder I have two files which cannot be deleted...
  9. I`ve the same problem: AD doesn`t close and the message is "...file currently being opened". In preferences "reopen" ist unchecked. And I am not happy to try LyricsGirl`s way (temp files) to solve this problem.
  10. Microsoft fixed the Problem with latest update of framework 4.7 today... all is fine again now....
  11. Completely confirm Sean P.: WACOM and 4.7 are the killers!!! And not only Affinity (also Painter 2017 and others....) Thank you, Sean, your post was therapeutic :-)
  12. Hah, Mr B. - great to find you and your generosity now here too.... isn`t AFFINITY gorgeous?! (I love your gifts and tuts on X.`s sites....) A fan. :-)
  13. Thanks for this answer. I had the same problem. It takes time to find out.... In the help section I could not find "size" or "specify" or "dimensions" ... O.K. That`s what forums are for...
  14. Hello @all! Some days ago it was the first time ever I heard about Affinity. (Shame on me! I`m a semi-professional in illustration...) After some hours of reading reviews and lookin` tuts I couldn`t resist and bought af-photo and af-designer in one whuuush. What can I say? I`m overwhelmed. These pieces of marvellous software are what I was looking for years and years and didn`t even know that. And more! I own ..s cs6 ext, ..llustrator, all ..agix-prods... [no names!] and more: nothing is as handsome, valuable, soft and so full of friendly genius as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer! Two days (and nearly nights) are over now. All I can say is: thank you for the musi... for your kindness to give away for less than 90 € such an enormous amount of high professional possibilities in art of graphic and design and photo-working... Made me happy. (Pardon my english.) Klaus, Heidelberg, Germany
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