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  1. Hi MEB, please don`t forget on this.... Thanks A LOT in advance!
  2. Toll Norbert, Danke. Allerdings hatte ich erwartet, dass ich damit - wie in der Überschrift (YouTube) versprochen - eine Möglichkeit finde, dass der Sturm nicht so stark wird. Eben so, wie Du schreibst: WindErholungsmuster - aber das war wohl nix. Trotzdem: zum Bauen von Wiederholungsmustern: SUPER! Stets gern zu Diensten... (weisste ja *gröhl*)
  3. Literaturix

    Pressed & Embossed styles

    Oh... these are well done! Helps me - thank you very much!
  4. Hi Angela, I think this is still an ongoing problem Serif has to fix in one of the next versions. This here is still the (only?) work around: Happy greetings from Germany Klaus Edit: Oooops... didn`t see your last post...
  5. THATS IT : Many thanks to user Carl123 !!!!
  6. Literaturix

    how to close designer

    THATS IT!!! My oh my, thanks a lot!!!
  7. Sorry. Tried all of that temp-deleting - problem is still alive: Affinity Designer cannot be closed in normal way - must be shot down by Taskmanager. This is really enervating...
  8. Stuart, could you (or anybody else...) give me the name of these files or a hint? In my temp-folder I have two files which cannot be deleted...
  9. I will wait for the fix ... Anyway: thank you Angela!!!
  10. I`ve the same problem: AD doesn`t close and the message is "...file currently being opened". In preferences "reopen" ist unchecked. And I am not happy to try LyricsGirl`s way (temp files) to solve this problem.
  11. Microsoft fixed the Problem with latest update of framework 4.7 today... all is fine again now....
  12. Completely confirm Sean P.: WACOM and 4.7 are the killers!!! And not only Affinity (also Painter 2017 and others....) Thank you, Sean, your post was therapeutic :-)
  13. Literaturix

    Free tiling textures

    Hah, Mr B. - great to find you and your generosity now here too.... isn`t AFFINITY gorgeous?! (I love your gifts and tuts on X.`s sites....) A fan. :-)
  14. Thanks for this answer. I had the same problem. It takes time to find out.... In the help section I could not find "size" or "specify" or "dimensions" ... O.K. That`s what forums are for...
  15. Hello @all! Some days ago it was the first time ever I heard about Affinity. (Shame on me! I`m a semi-professional in illustration...) After some hours of reading reviews and lookin` tuts I couldn`t resist and bought af-photo and af-designer in one whuuush. What can I say? I`m overwhelmed. These pieces of marvellous software are what I was looking for years and years and didn`t even know that. And more! I own ..s cs6 ext, ..llustrator, all ..agix-prods... [no names!] and more: nothing is as handsome, valuable, soft and so full of friendly genius as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer! Two days (and nearly nights) are over now. All I can say is: thank you for the musi... for your kindness to give away for less than 90 € such an enormous amount of high professional possibilities in art of graphic and design and photo-working... Made me happy. (Pardon my english.) Klaus, Heidelberg, Germany