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    Redsandro reacted to toluschr in Running Affinity on Linux (Finally works)   
    (on Fedora 30, Affinity
    I tried to run Affinity previously, but only got to the point of "VK_CHILD_WINDOW_RENDERING" not being implemented and after not using Affinity Photo for a long time to stay with Linux I got the following message on Discord:

    So I had to try it out and what can I say? It works flawlessly!
    Download Affinity 1.6.5 from: "https://store.serif.com/de/update/windows/photo/1/"
    The following commands are required to install and use Affinity Photo (Run EVERYTHING in the same terminal instance).
    Open a terminal in the same folder, you downloaded Affinity into!
    # Download and extract the correct wine version curl -L https://lutris.nyc3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/runners/wine/wine-lutris-vkchildwindow-4.12.1-x86_64.tar.xz > wine-lutris-vkchildwindow-4.12.1-x86_64.tar.xz tar xf wine-lutris-vkchildwindow-4.12.1-x86_64.tar.xz # Set the path to wine for winetricks to work correctly export WINE="$PWD/lutris-vkchildwindow-4.12.1-x86_64/bin/wine" # Remove the old wine prefix rm -rf ~/.wine alias wine=$WINE wine wineboot -i When this window opens, click on "Cancel"

    # Downloading the newest version of winetricks curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Winetricks/winetricks/master/src/winetricks > winetricks chmod +x winetricks Now that everything is downloaded, and a new prefix was created, you have to install some dependencies.
    Follow the instructions in the setups and click on "Reboot Now". You can ignore warnings by the setups.
    # To prevent errors from mono ./winetricks remove_mono -q # For the installer ./winetricks dotnet35sp1 -q # For the main application ./winetricks dotnet472 -q # Set windows to 8.1, since aero is not found if set to win7 ./winetricks win81 -q Run the installer with: (Deselect desktop shortcut)
    wine affinity-photo- Install DXVK to make Affinity Photo work
    git clone https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk ./dxvk/setup_dxvk.sh install Affinity should now be installed under "~/.wine"
    Desktop Shortcut
    Run this code below!
    cd ~/.local/share/applications/ echo "[Desktop Entry]" >> "Affinity Photo.desktop" echo "Name=Affinity Photo" >> "Affinity Photo.desktop" echo "Exec=$WINE '/home/$USER/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Affinity/Photo/Photo.exe'" >> "Affinity Photo.desktop" echo "Icon='/home/$USER/.local/share/applications/$(ls ../icons/hicolor/256x256/apps | grep Photo | head -n 1)'" >> "Affinity Photo.desktop" echo "Type=Application" >> "Affinity Photo.desktop" echo "Categories=Photo;Utility;" >> "Affinity Photo.desktop"  
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    Redsandro reacted to foxie in Affinity products for Linux   
    Hey guys,
    it seems it's finally possible to run affinity products under linux.
    I will try that later tonight and might end up producing script or flatpak with builtin dependencies.
    Relevant previous discussion:
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    Redsandro reacted to m.vlad in Affinity for Linux   
    I think that's a statement without basis, the last one. However I agree with the core of the argument, serif is better off fixing the current issues (like the expand stroke bug, we'll soon reach 5 years since it's been first reported) than expanding into a new market. However I also have to poke holes at serifs previously mentioned accomplishments. Why boast about a platformless application core if you're not going to have it available on all platforms?
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    Redsandro reacted to Silas in Affinity for Linux   
    You avoided my main point, but really I think you guys are over-analysing this whole thing.
    I want Serif to build stuff for my OS of choice because on that OS I have everything I want but one thing ... Serifs excellent and sensibly priced and marketed software. While making my argument I think that there are benefits to Serif, so I mention that. The only real argument from the customer side for building the thing is that there is a market for it. I think there is.  The rest is up to them. I am here to be counted.
    If I said nothing then that would be dumb.
    If I dug holes in the argument for what I want then that too would be dumb.
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    Redsandro reacted to LucasKA in Affinity products for Linux   
    I work at Red Hat (I'm a UI Engineer even), so I contribute to Open Source projects (mostly web though since that's my expertise) and I contribute to Red Hat projects as well. I have also directly donated money to Blender, Krita, Audacity, Ardour, Inkscape, ElementaryOS, Solus, and other projects. I have no problem dropping money on useful tools (I don't even use Elementary or Solus and have given them $25)
    There's a rock and a hard place that I think some of these FOSS Design tools struggle with, and it's being in the middle of the spectrum. There's the Enterprise (Where Red Hat shines, raking in BILLIONS), and there's the hobbyist/amateur. The latter are notoriously cheap (Like won't even shell out for Affinity cheap), and are most likely pirating the current Adobe suite. The former is a harder to break into and there's real real money. Then there are the people in the middle (Digital Designers such as myself).
    There's plenty of people asking for it, even this one thread in one corner of the internet has garnered 37 pages of discussion. There are lots of conversations but not a ton of action, hence the reason I think someone could clean up in that middle Design space, and where a lot attempts are falling short (Gravit).

    As for your personal stance, I actually suggest you would be better served just staying with Windows. You definitely aren't going to be able to "play all the games you want". You think creative software is bad? The Windows monopoly on gaming graphics with DirectX is much stronger than even that sweet sweet PSD vendor lock Adobe has you in.

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    Redsandro reacted to LucasKA in Affinity products for Linux   
    Too bad Serif is a super closed company. I'd be interested in the metrics of volume seat licenses (100 or more) vs single licenses for Affinity Designer. I contend it's much higher on the latter, and I am going to say I misspoke about "Hobbyist", but rather it's not "Enterprise" level. I've yet to run across any Affinity products in the wild, and I've worked at some decent sized companies that are very design heavy. The only people I've run across using it, is hobbyists and freelancers that have a choice. Pros might be the target, but is it making headway in that department? I'd venture to say that Affinity Designer has a similar marketshare to the Linux Desktop. That doesn't make it not worth looking at though, now does it?
    I'm basing it a lot on the use case of Blender. Blender is such good, creative software, that enterprise VFX houses not only use it, they've even migrated to the Linux platform for their asset pipelines. It's another benefit that it's open source, so internal tooling and pipelines can be developed around it.
    Anyway, I have no real interest in petitioning Serif to port there program to Linux, I know a fools errand. I do know that I will drop AD the moment there's a package on Linux that serves my workflow.
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    Redsandro reacted to Matt Nash in Affinity products for Linux   
    While I realize it is not looking promising for a Linux version of Affinity products at the moment, I do hope you will keep it in mind. I work for a Visual Effects company in Wellington, NZ. We have approximately 1300 artists and developers who use Linux as a primary pipeline environment. We spend a lot of money of licensing software, so I would strongly disagree with anyone who says that Linux is for hobbyists and that we wouldn't buy software.
    Our software licensing includes a fair chunk of Adobe licensing. We also have a lot of users who would like access to a program like Photoshop, but their departments cannot justify the annual spend for Adobe licensing. We also keep a lot of older machines so that the artists who require Adobe software have machines to run Windows software on. This increases both our power consumption and maintenance / support costs.
    We are one of a large marketplace of Visual Effects companies who must be in a similar position, all using Linux for their primary pipeline.
    We do have a few users who are dyed in the wool Photoshop users, as that is their bread and butter and has been for years, but we also have a lot of users who regularly pick up new software and are generally very happy to experiment.
    Please keep us in mind before you write off the idea of Linux versions of your software.
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    Redsandro got a reaction from Mark Ingram in Affinity products for Linux   
    @Mark Ingram I do believe the farther you distance yourself from Windows, the higher the percentage of creative people is. 
    If one in a thousand Windows users is creative, and one in two hundred OSX users is creative, it would mean that your Windows and OSX sales are approximately the same.
    One in 20 Linux users would need to be creative to have an equal sales share, and that's not going to happen.
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    Redsandro reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity products for Linux   
    Here's a graph of the world wide desktop market share over the last 12 months. Windows is about 50x higher than Linux. It's not that we're ignoring potential customers, it's just that the market isn't there. And a lot of people are talking about the raw cost of porting the software. Unfortunately just shipping a product doesn't stop costs at that point in time. There are on going costs for engineering, support, marketing, etc
    Windows: 78.43%
    macOS: 13.53%
    Linux: 1.6%

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    Redsandro got a reaction from SrPx in Affinity for Linux   
    Hi @Argo,
    The Affinity team has already debated this internally and is not currently interested in the uncertain Linux market.
    A lot of Linux users (myself included) have indicated they would pay double the Affinity license fee for native Linux versions, as an incentive for them to port them. I suggest we all use half of that money and donate it to people who'd receive it with open arms: Donate to GIMP, donate to Krita, donate to InkScape or donate to the Libre Graphics Meeting.
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    Redsandro got a reaction from SrPx in Affinity for Linux   
    Hi @Argo,
    The Affinity team has already debated this internally and is not currently interested in the uncertain Linux market.
    A lot of Linux users (myself included) have indicated they would pay double the Affinity license fee for native Linux versions, as an incentive for them to port them. I suggest we all use half of that money and donate it to people who'd receive it with open arms: Donate to GIMP, donate to Krita, donate to InkScape or donate to the Libre Graphics Meeting.
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    Redsandro got a reaction from SrPx in Affinity for Linux   
    Hi @Argo,
    The Affinity team has already debated this internally and is not currently interested in the uncertain Linux market.
    A lot of Linux users (myself included) have indicated they would pay double the Affinity license fee for native Linux versions, as an incentive for them to port them. I suggest we all use half of that money and donate it to people who'd receive it with open arms: Donate to GIMP, donate to Krita, donate to InkScape or donate to the Libre Graphics Meeting.
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    Redsandro got a reaction from D’T4ils in Affinity for Linux   
    In my experience there is too much performance loss in a classic VM with shared hardware. Really bad framerate. Don't do it. Don't take my word for it; try it out with the Designer Trial version first.
    What is reported to work pretty good is a VM using a dedicated video card (and plenty of RAM) for Affinity using VFIO. The video card will be more costly than a Windows license, and it takes some time to set up, but you'll definitely save a lot of time not being handicapped without access to your computer as would happen when dual-booting.
    @Qu4ntumSpin suggested something like https://looking-glass.hostfission.com/ to tie it all together.
    @xam @D’T4ils this topic really becomes quite interesting when you add half a dozen people or so to the ignore list.
    Serif is not going to do this (1). I prefer backing a team that does want to work towards a Linux version. There are however no real quality contenders besides Adobe and Serif, right?
    So (2) is an option if we can get someone to map everything necessary without any support from Serif whatsoever, but perhaps 3 would be better:
    3. Can we create a script to hot-switch VFIO between Linux and Affinity-VM using only one videocard? Though unrelated, this seems to attempt exactly this.
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    Redsandro reacted to Qu4ntumSpin in Affinity for Linux   
    Hi everyone,
    Just to shine some information here related to the following questions because it does not only apply to Serif product, but basically to anything you want.
    Concerning VM performance, you must understand that there is multiple type of VM's.
    If you are planning to start "VirtualBox" and that's it. Then you can expect very poor graphical performance for any application.

    What you need to get near native performance, yes you can absolutely play AAA games, your CAD app, etc,  this way without much performance loss.
    I am using QEMU with a dedicated video card (Yes I have 2 cards in my system).
    The process to setup VFIO + KVM is not complicated It is built into linux ! And there is enough video tutorial out there. If you know how to modify one file. install programs on linux and you have the hardware this will likely take you an hour the first time to set up. Then about 5 to 10 minutes the following times.
    What you need to know :
    - VFIO allows you to passthrough your gpu to your VM (All of this, depends on your machine - IOMMU)
    - KVM if you respect architecture (Linux 64 with Windows 64) to get near native performance inside your VM
    - If you don't have a monitor to spare, you can use SPICE to see what's going on in your VM, but for gaming performance you will want LookingGlass (It literally copies gpu buffer from one gpu to the other, and now it allows full copy/paste between your VM and Linux)
    - You are running 2 systems, so 8GB RAM... no go... (16 at least for a great experience, and 32 if you want to go all in)
    - At least 4 cores, but preferably 6 or 8, so you can share 4/4 to each system. Yes, 4 cores and 8 threads each will allow you to play your Appex / Fortnite High settings etc.  or whatever else is trending nowadays.
    - If you can game on it, you can compute & work on it.
    - More complicated, but you can also do that with MAC OS (Though, it is against their TOS, so it's up to you)

    How to setup QEMU+KVM (very old video - 3 years ago !): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16dbAUrtMX4 
    Learn more about QEMU: https://www.qemu.org
    Learn more about KVM : https://www.redhat.com/en/topics/virtualization/what-is-KVM

    From the creator of LookingGlass NOV 2018 (The demo starts around 4:30) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a322V4yo3nY
    Yes you can, it's complicated, it depends on the driver most of the time. I do not recommend it for the majority of users. And you loose the ability to go back and forth between your VM and Linux machin without interupting your Linux Work. Which is exactly why this QEMU+VFIO is nice.
    Often people forget, but you might already have 2 gpu's. One with your intel / amd processor and your dedicated graphics card
    Here for example this guy is running it's display from the motherboard output (intel gpu) and shares is main dedicated gpu with the VM

    If you are really going into this stuff :  https://www.reddit.com/r/VFIO/
    Gaming on Linux( Native & VM) From Linus Tech Tips and Wendel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsgI1mkx6iw  << If you watch only one, then look at this one.
    5 minutes of VFIO/IOMMU on Arch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_2dtnU4Awk

    There is so much resources out there, I can't share everything. But now you have all that you need to run all Serif applications and more, without leaving the comfort of your Linux desktop.
    EDIT: I didn't mention it, but you can pass through any device that you want of course. I am passing though a wacom tablet and a keyboard.
    But that's all entirely optional. You can even pass through a sound card (usb headset for example)... etc.

    EDIT 2: If you have pro card either from AMD or Nvidia. It is likely that you have SR-IOV
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11Fs0NHgzIY Pro cards allow you to share a single card at the same time against multiple vm's.
    EDIT 3: To have an amazing sound experience between your VM (Windows ) and HOST (linux) You can use "scream"
    This basically installs a new sound card into windows and you can listen to its sound on Linux either by multicast or just like Lookinglass through a IVSHMEM (A shared memory space).
    This "scream" in combination with "lookinglass" really gives you a nice Seamless integration.
    It's like opening a browser to navigate the web basically, you're just navigating your windows vm instead.

    Qemu 4 has landed and it brings a gazillion updates. Way better than 3.1. https://wiki.qemu.org/ChangeLog/4.0
    So basically sound issues are mostly gone, so you might not need (EDIT 3) scream at all to get a nice experience.

    Note on all these edits.
    There is many changes since I did my last setup. Mine is working fine for me, I don't have time to get up to speed with the new stuff, my clients come always first.
    Basically everything is getting even better (who could have guessed...).

    Enjoy !
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    Redsandro reacted to D’T4ils in Affinity for Linux   
    Does it make you feel good trying to provoque other people? Do you get pleasure out of it? We don't really need any trolls around here. If you're not going to contribute to our discussion, I would ask you to refrain yourself from posting around here. Thanks.
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    Redsandro got a reaction from Theophile Eyong in Affinity for Linux   
    I'm sorry, but you can't offer this circulus in demonstrando. Once users started to organize a crowd funding campaign that would definitely prove or disprove whether or not there would be enough demand to recoup the costs, Affinity informed us that they would not do a Linux version even if the goal would be reached, effectively stopping the community initiative from definitively probing the demand.
    The result is two-fold. One, we haven't proven demand. But more importantly, you can't argue that we can't prove demand after stopping attempts to do just that.
    So yes, it is my view and the view of some of my peers that Serif is actively stifling serious attempts to probe demand. If this perception is wrong, it could be beneficial in a PR sense to write an official statement or semiofficial blog post as suggested before.
    This is a classic argumentum ad hominem. I see you do that a lot. There was nothing remotely zealous about my post. Obviously, I'm not inciting a rebellious movement. I'm telling people that further proceedings have lost practical significance, which is basically the opposite of an uncompromising pursuit. Your relentless anti-Linux propaganda stream of logical fallacies over the past year or so (Why? To what end?) have more in common with the definition of a zealot, so I think you are projecting.
    They have not done so back when I was in this discussion, two odd years or so ago. So I think "very clearly and openly" is quite a flattering way of saying that someone wrote a comment somewhere between the thousands of posts on this forum. I believe the fact that the "idea" to crowdfund keeps popping up proofs this. People suggesting this weren't there when it almost happened and was shot down. This is why I believe a written blog post or verbose official statement would be a good idea. Everyone can just point to the article and the circular discussion is over.
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    Redsandro got a reaction from Theophile Eyong in Affinity for Linux   
    Dear @kleber.swf and others,
    I understand the frustration. First, Serif said: We would need to be confident that we'd recoup a certain amount of cost. Then the community said: Okay. We will crowdsource that amount. Some folks started preparing a campaign, and Serif was quick to respond: Please don't do it. Even if you raise the money, we decided not to do it.
    I also understand the frustration about their lack of oppenness to the community. First they giveth (a set of rules that would make a Linux version possible) then taketh away. And they don't communicate their rationale.
    With the immense performance boost of WINE/Linux in recent years, and the compatibility with many triple A titles, people wonder why Affinity products have some secret sause that causes them not to work with WINE. Because WINE-compatibility would seem like a descent middle-ground loved and appreciated by Linux users. I haven't been able to get a comment about that.
    While a forthcoming and verbose blog or article from Affinity/Serif to their Linux fanbase - who are often paying customers with a Windows license - about their rationale and answers to the questions about the change of heart and WINE problems would surely make those community members fall in love, Serif is taking a different approach of mostly ignoring the demand except for the occasional sneer that we can't just demand a Linux version. And they are right.
    So that's it. We feel like it would make sense to build a Linux version. And with people saying that the core is basically platform independent so 'only' the UI would need to be ported to Linux, it feels closer than ever. But it's not going to happen. Serif has decided. They are not the Linux heros some of us hoped. Let's stop promoting Affinity among our colleagues as Adobe killer, and wait for something more inclusive to come along.
    All you can do is go to the posts where some of the staff summarize their position and click thanks -> sad face on the bottom right to document your point of view in numbers.

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    Redsandro got a reaction from Qu4ntumSpin in Affinity for Linux   
    Thank you @Mark Ingram. This brings some clarity, although I had to look up the word clamour.
    The team is not really interested in doing this right now, and you're happy with the spoils of the current markets. There's generally no interest in a crowd source either, because the team is not confident that the spoils of the Linux market would remain interesting after a theoretical crowdfund. The proverbial banana would be 20.000 people showing up here suggesting that Affinity for Linux would be a lovely idea.
    TL;DR: Not now, maybe later.
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    Redsandro reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity for Linux   
    The second post on this thread from @TonyB said:
    Now, that was in 2014, and as the products have grown (and new products like iPad and Publisher have arrived), that cost will have risen, unfortunately.
    This thread is popular, but ultimately we've only had a fraction of a percent of people request a Linux version so far. Now, if this post had 20,000 people in it, we'd be clamouring to build for Linux...
    We're not saying never, we're just saying that our limited resources are best spent working on other things right now.
    And I say all that as a Linux fan.
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    Redsandro got a reaction from Qu4ntumSpin in Affinity for Linux   
    Me too  without dedicated hardware from DaVinci though. Mainly for color grading.I don't mind the occasional frame drop from non-quattro nVidia cards for this purpose.
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    Redsandro reacted to Requester in Affinity for Linux   
    Hi guys,
    i think at the moment serif is focusing on affinity publisher ... and maybe another adobe killer after. Because there is a much more bigger market for new Adobe killers than a linux port at the moment. Maybe later, if the adobe palette is finished, there may be a more serious thought about linux. Don't ask how many years ...
    But I think there is currently another realistic option to get affinity on the Linux desktop.
    Ask the wine community ... do a crowdfunding for WINE (developers) to make the affinity products run on linux!
    A good annual salary would be enough to put one experienced wine developer to make it run. We would even not need 500.000$.
    What do you think about that?
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    Redsandro reacted to Qu4ntumSpin in Affinity for Linux   
    Just pre-ordered the affinity publisher. (I'm using scribus atm.)
    I am a proud owner of all your products. Right now I use a VM with VFIO (I share GPU, mouse, keyboard, wacom tablet to a windows vm) to use those products.
    It's far from ideal, but I am willing to support Serif, because you are actually building amazing products that are very nice to use !
    This post is simply to share my support on something happening someday on the linux support front. Whatever it is.
    Hope all the posts and repeated questions don't get too much on your nerves. I'm a Software Engineer also, and I know how "Support" can be a hard thing to do properly.
    Concerning your choice of technologies, some are questionable, but I'm sure your CTO knows what he is doing. You are invested in .NET, try having a look at .NET core 3 it also supports WPF and other things that can be installed on all platforms and architectures.

    @Redsandro Thanks for the recap post, it saved me a lot of reading.
    Additional note, I'm a happy user of Davinci Resolve on Linux, and because of their entreprise support on Linux, I'm now moving my equipment and capture cards to theirs instead.
    My company is by no means large enough to sponsor such a development on your side. But happy to help if you want more info.

    Best regards,
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    Redsandro reacted to SrPx in Affinity for Linux   
    Well, I'll add it to my CV. The more, the merrier. Or maybe you were not including me there, I don't know. I have changed my opinion quite drastically in years (and about politics, sports, etc).
    Ok, I believe the point that is wrong in the above is that, in these 19 pages, and in the other ton of threads  this has not been addressed by Serif. Yep, they have said no, and this is not what you wanted to hear. But they have answered this complaint more times and more in depth than many others.  A bit of a sample below, but I have been skipping the light irony, and moderation posts....or... some just 'cause have things to do now, and the mouse wheel is showing smoke now due to friction and speed... might have missed some... below is a list... And please, don't post again comments ad hominem (not particularly you: anyone). A company is a complex machine. Typically what is posted in a forum, is previously agreed (at least the general line, not every word) in a meeting or so (in the 10 companies I've worked at, is what I experienced). So, if u see more of patrick's posts, I'd consider that a good percentage of that is merely the company position on the matter (dunno if he's officially in charge of taking the heat and punches, seems like that), not the individual opinion (well, in the matters when they make it explicit, or in which you can read between the lines that is the agreed answer).
    I got the idea of posting the below, as you say that the 1 posters new users that come here to "leave a vote", are not aware of the previous comments in this very thread (and don't dare to read them, but yep are ready to post... :? ) ...let alone do a simple search about the matter... But hey, to collect some here. Consider many are so old that the company might have a different position in some details. And while it might be helpful for some newcomers right now, this one will also get sunk for ever, too. So...
    This one suggesting to get Windows if not considering a Mac (as the company also offers Windows versions)
    this one explains it with a metaphor, but you can read all into that, no need for more. And is from early 2017 (you -redsandro- indeed have been posting about this since 2016 (tells me that prolly you've read most of the company's answers). But only now I see you finally discarding the possibility (or so it reads, I don't know).
    This one is essential. Mostly tells you how really aware is Serif about the matter.
    Indirectly, quite revealing :
    Probably the most relevant and recent one:
    This clarifies definitely a particular matter :
    In the other thread (but there have been many more threads, but people do not care to make a search, this is not like the linux mates I remember...) , the most relevant :
    This one doesn't go in the line of denying its implementation or not. But we should consider that, as mentioned above, these threads last years, as Serif is not censorship loving, even when many posts are filled with direct attacks to the company. So, opinions, and the company take at it could have evolved, as situation changes. (and I mean, after all the negativity, they might be less inclined for it. I don't wish it to be so, though )
    This one is extremely verbose, clarifying, and "abundant" in my book. Again, could or could not apply for today's company position. And he cares to add in this one "in my opinion" :
    This, in very direct language clarifies that it is not the technical issues :
    This one I was not going to link here, as we all (including Serif) know that really, the many distributions now is not a problem in linux, but...the following clarifies one of the questions (and many others have also been replied, repeatedly) you were saying that are not being addressed : "The lack of competition on Linux is a big plus true, but that does not in itself mean it is an attractive option for us right now."
    A very neutral post below (yet you can read between the lines... I mean, even I can, so.... )
    In this one demonstrates that how some of their data tells them that the users through certain sources, are caring more about other matters than a Linux version :

    The one I mentioned before, which they have posted (not only patrick) so many times:
    Another thread... (this time, MEB ). Shows you how they were very aware of it, and already a bit tired (maybe) of answering it:
    This one from another member (quite an active developer), explains a bit about technical matters (BUT...is from 2014!), but also mentions the money issue :
    Another answer from another staff member (another very busy programmer, yet kind to answer):
    [omitted a follow-up from him, as you might not appreciate this people's irony... I do.... I kindda like British humor... )  ]
    The one of the 500k, which I suspected that it was a bit of a joke or random post... confirmed recently... (IMO!)
    In this one I realize Tony said a random number MAYBE just to speak about some (any) money-up-front proof that the community would be willing to put, to put their money where their mouth is . So, yeah, maybe not to read too much into that number. As I stated before, it does not grant in any way sustainability, just an initial moment, neither other expenses that come besides the salaries (that's only a part of what a company has to pay)
    Totally OT, but a post which throws a light on their position about posting competitors (ie, the one you mentioned there), that is, actual competitors, of course. Is indeed the one I was remembering in my recent post. They have a ton of patience, for everything:
    Directly that they don't have "apetite" for a KS at this time (back then, surely neither now)
    This one clarifies important aspects, while I am yet seeing complaints about those not being addressed. Not true, they have, they also explain how is not a single issue, but many:
    While I'm not pasting the ones that were pure moderation work (or off topic, or just light irony), this one puts a take about the choice of OS. And I quite agree with  that... One must decide well when choosing an OS, and is responsible of that. And I'd add: And use whatever allows you to get the job done, as that is the most important thing (to survive, at least) or at least should be the take of a professional.
    In another thread :

    The amount of threads asking this would have ended with a sticky thread with the main rule of banning any thread asking for it, in other company's forum, but they don't do that. They don't even close these threads (while they have closed threads about other matters and complaints, although very rarely ). As a proof :

    Given the situation, I totally understand if they prefer to dedicate time to production and fixing bugs rather than answering _again_  5 year old threads. They have already given their answer, even if you don't like which it is.
    Also, they have no moral obligation to do a Linux version. Neither to give you an expanded explanation. Not even if you purchased a Windows or Mac, or iPad version. You purchased that version, not a linux one. Is the same when someone complaints about a lacking feature. I have asked for features. I have not complained nor "required" those to be implemented. I wouldn't have any right. Like everyone else, I downloaded the demo, tested, estimated if I could use it, and there I could be right or wrong, but is all on me.
    So, in light of that, you can't, have no right to require the exact answer or longer explanation that you would like to hear. They owe you nothing, there's no moral obligation from them. So the complaint tone is what is imo out of place. The dialogue, and seduction about Linux possibilities, totally fine (although imo, having read so many times that they have not interest in that, even a nice tone there is a bit rude. Is like : 
    Me: Sir, would you like a tea?
    Some random dude: Er... No, thank you very much.
    Me: I think you need a tea. The world would be better if you drink a tea, right now.
    The dude : Er... your kindness is overwhelming, but no, thank you. I appreciate it.
    Me: Are you SERIOUSLY declining my offer of a cup of tea ????!!
    The exhausted dude:  ....
    Me: WHAT??? You DON'T answer me now??? You dare to ignore me??? Drink this$%!! cup of tea, NOW!. You OWE it to me.
    And so ad infinitum....
    I'd LOVE a Linux version, but whenever emerges some solid data that would be profitable for the (not a single solid data in the bazillion posts I've read in years) company, and heck, they feel as going for it, is their project.
    Because I love Linux and its freedom. I am indeed very, very nostalgic of the old Linux community kindness. For most of it, I declare it gone, lost with the dust of the years....  

    PD: Is not "aggressive" to have a different opinion (that's yet another attempt to try to shut other people's voice. Hidden censorship). Neither to provide with reasons and data. Probably you only refer to the most rude attacks, but... just in case you refer to any kind of opposition to a point of view.
    PD 2 : Sorry for the links that went "graphic mode" by their own will. Seems is triggered even with a space bar tap. Even if I ctrl+z -ed every each of them.
    PD: 3 : This post is not directed to you, Redsandro, it's a post thrown to the void. But you gave me the idea, when I read from you that newcomers (can't read prev pages? Or search? It's a must in every forum) are in disadvantage as don't know if the company have answered about this. Well, here's some links pasted with those answers.
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    Redsandro got a reaction from m.vlad in Affinity products for Linux   
    In response to this, and also for Linux users that mention using GIMP as much as possible so they don't have to boot Windows: You can also try the multi platform Polarr Photo Editor (Basic version is free, full version is $24 per year).
    It's available on Snapcraft, and as you can see on the statistics this snap is used on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Zorin OS, KDE Neon, Elementary OS, Fedora, Debian, Deepin, Manjaro, Parrot PS and Arch Linux. Maybe more.
    While it doesn't compare to Affinity Photo or Adobe Photoshop by a long shot (so I think in light of this discussion it's okay for me to mention this app, and if not, moderators should feel free to remove this post), it does have pretty descent RAW photo support and might make a hobbyist happy for being able to do quick photo series while on holiday or something.
    Also available for Android tablets and Chromebooks (and of course Windows).
    "Anyone can argue that if what we’re doing is not making money, then it’s probably not worth doing anyway. Fortunately, we see a large number of people who are willing to pay, and we believe Polarr does have a product-market fit in the photo enthusiast community."
    Especially when they work offline too, and can be installed as a stand-alone app. I believe Polarr is an Electron app.
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    Redsandro reacted to m.vlad in Affinity for Linux   
    Because people are curious? If you see a car that looks cool, would you not go for a ride in it (if given the chance) just because it doesn't have cup holders?
    I wouldn't say people are complaining that they don't support Linux, people are complaining because they are given a straight answer without any arguments to back it up (they don't necessarily need to back them up, it's their property we're talking about). People are frustrated that they aren't given a choice to have a proper argument. If there are people who just complain that they want a Linux version and they want it fast, sure, that's petty, but most people here who argue for a Linux version already have Linux in mind for different reasons (ease of setting up different stuff, UX, UI, the openness of the platform). 
    That is a fair argument, however people here are rooting for Serif to win another fight against Adobe and have the first professional level design software available on Linux and I have to somewhat share their sentiment a bit. When all you see is reasons serif *should* have a Linux port and they don't even make the pre-existing stuff compatible with stuff like WINE nor do they give a public statement (even something like "we've noticed the growth of the Linux platform, however we're a small company, we can't afford to the business venture a Linux port would be when we have all of this other stuff to work on") then you do get a bit frustrated. This is turning into an echo chamber, with people talking to a wall who keep raising their voice, just in case the wall might hear them and reply (weird af analogy I know but bear with me) 

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