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  1. Hi, I'm a commercial printer in Nottingham, rather than graphic designer and as such would appreciate a few missing, but necessary features: 1. Although it's possible to add bleed to a document set-up and export to a PDF with the bleed, I cannot see away of seeing the edge of the bleed area when working on a document. This is a fundamental requirement. In the beta version any design components disappear when they exceed the edge of the page. 2. When creating a new document with bleed - you have to first created the document without bleed and then go back to document set up to add the bleed. 3. When importing a PDF with crop marks etc there are no import options such as importing to the trim size, bleed size or media size. 4. There appears to be no way to scale an imported PDF (or any other kind of image) to a set size, e.g. 10% 50% or 200% for example. 5. It crashes a lot on my Mac Book Pro, 2018 model, when using it with a second 4K second screen. There's lots of things I really like about Publisher so keep up the really good work. Barry Hayman
  2. Thanks, I'm both please and relieved to hear you are working on these. I will watch & wait patiently!
  3. Hi, thanks for the quick response. This is disappointing as like many in the graphics trade, we are all hoping to move away from having to use Photoshop for these everyday tasks, but I guess I'll have to keep it going a little longer. If the PDF has come from a client and we don't have their font - we cannot simply replace it with a font we have. Do you think you will introduce embedded fonts or the ability to rasterise PDF's in a future release?
  4. Firstly, I run a professional printing company working with litho printing and small & large format digital printing. When I try to open/import a PDF file containing text - there is no option to rasterise the PDF at a chosen dpi. Note: the reason for wanting to open a PDF in the fist place is normally to convert it into an image file. This problem is compounded when I don't have the particular font installed on my Mac that has been embedded in the PDF and the result is a mess (see attached). As the PDF files come from customers - this is out of my control. Please can we have an option to rasterise the PDF and not try and open it as a vector file with editable fonts etc? thanks, Barry Hayman
  5. Hi MEB, thanks for your reply - its nice to know Im not the only one who needs this basic requirement! Also thanks for your tip - it did work, but there are limitations, such as I cant change the dimensions and see the dpi go up or down. Is it worth others, including myself putting in a feature request? Cheers Barry
  6. Hi, as both a professional small & large format printer and previous Photoshop user for many years - I have to frequently resize (scale) images for printing. My question is that using the 'Resize Document' feature with the resample check box unchecked -it does not dynamically change the size if I alter the dpi or vice versa. I have to click the 'Resize' button then select 'Resize Image' again to see the difference. Am I missing something or is this a feature that could be added please? Note: This process is a fairly basic, yet a fundamentally important requirement commercially - to check if a provided image by a client is a high enough resolution for printing. thanks, Barry Hayman, Nottingham UK