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  1. lichtwerk

    pixelated while drawing

    Hey. Same over here. I really would like to use Affinity Photo as a drawing Software as well, but I am facing the same issue.
  2. Thanks. I just want to rotate the view, so i can paint in my desired direction. Totally missed that 15° option. Thanks for this one. That serves my needs for the moment. But it also would be nice to have an arbitrary rotation on non trackpad devices.
  3. Hey, great Application (Affinity Photo) . I´m using it on an almost daily basis. But one thing is bothering me. Is there an option for seamlessly rotating the canvas? I just found the 90° Option. But it would come really handy if it was possible to rotate the canvas with a button and the mouse like in Photoshop (R + Mouse). When Painting Masks and so on this would really help, because of stroke directions. Thanks, Elmar
  4. I really would like to see Affinity Photo and Designer to go with Linux too. There a lot´s of people in the CG community which want to switch to Linux but they don´t do it because of the lack of the Adobe products.

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