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  1. Jarle Petterson

    Affinity Publisher Public Beta -

    Hi! Just downloaded this version, which I'm sure is choc-a-bloc of improvements. However, upon exporting a pdf of a publication I'm working on, I immediately noticed that the left and right side (or one of them) of all spreads are displaced – while everything's looking perfectly alright in Affinity Publisher itself. Also, in some of the spreads a white area appears near the spine (this, too, only in the exported pdf). I really really hope a fix is imminent. Apart from that, looking forward to see what improvements you've come up with. Cheers, Jarle Petterson Norway P.S. I'm sorry, but it would appear that this only happens when I include the bleed, which explains everything (I wasn't aware that the bleed box is checked by default after downloading this most recent version). No problems then. Again, I'm sorry.
  2. Jarle Petterson

    A few suggestions (split)

    Hi, This issue may have been raised elsewhere, but I seem unable to insert text from word processor files (Word .docx and Pages .pages files at any rate). Would be great if you could look into this at your earliest convenience, as copy-pasting from another app may prove to be a little laborious. Would also appreciate a possible spreadsheet import, Excel and Numbers, in any event. Cheers, Jarle Petterson
  3. Jarle Petterson

    Affinity Publisher Public Free Beta Available NOW

    Hey! Just downloaded the beta and am, of course, overexcited by the prospect of buying the final version, once ready for release. Before it is, however, would it be possible to set up a text frame with a desired number of columns, rather than inserting x number of linked text frames (an InDesign trait that I miss, along with snappable columns on master pages)? I'm really looking forward to playing around with this! Cheers, Jarle P Norway
  4. Jarle Petterson

    Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!

    Ah, OK! Thanks a bundle, Patrick! Cheers, Jarle
  5. Jarle Petterson

    Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!

    OK, I know I asked the same question yesterday, but as it remains unanswered: Would anyone care to enlighten me as to the Mac procedure for the installation of the bonus material? Greetings from Jarle
  6. Jarle Petterson

    Affinity Photo and Designer 1.6 have launched!

    Hi, Just updated both Designer & Photo on my High Sierra-run Mac. Just one question, though: How is the bonus material installed? Cheers, Jarle Petterson
  7. Thx, R C-R, Tried that without the intended result, but took a look behind App Store's "bought" tab (if that's the name in English version), and there it was, ready to install! Cheers, Jarle
  8. Hi, With AP 1.5 (and, I understand, a later 1.5.1) just recently launched, I was wondering when the update will be made available in App Store – as an update, not as a re-purchase, which seems the only current option. Cheers, Jarle Petterson