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  1. Those look awesome! Great job preserving so much detail with so little geometry.
  2. Here's a space related infographic I've been working on. It was all built in Designer.
  3. I totally agree! (very funny about the parents too!) I really hope that on one of the next major updates we can see some production oriented changes that focus on the less flashy features and address many of the features that are used by designers in a production environment every day. I know the flashy features may sell the product but the 'boring' features that are missing are the ones that keep people using a product for production on jobs.
  4. Pixel and Poly

    lock guides

    Just another vote for the option to lock guides. These small important features are the difference between a production ready application and a casual fun application.
  5. In Designer: I have shapes that are perfectly aligned on their edges but they are still showing the background behind especially when turned to raster elements. I have the points snapping to each other and have zoomed in very far to confirm that they are aligned. See attached sample. I know I can put one shape behind the other shape and then overlap them but I need to avoid doing this as I will have hundreds of these shapes and will need to delete different ones and have the space be accurate. I will be bringing the files into Photo and will be rasterizing the project at the end as well. It seems that AD is not seeing the edges as being perfectly next to each other despite the points being aligned. Even if I put a small stroke on the shapes the background is still showing through slightly. I'd rather not have to put on a stroke regardless. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Cheers! gaps.zip edit: I've even tried overlapping the shapes slightly and the background still shows through. Seems like it might be more of a bug.
  6. Thanks for the reply and information! I hope this can be fixed at some point as this is really an issue with some files and layouts and causes huge production issues. Regarding the workaround: do you mean to have a separate shape with a stroke? is that around the entire group or around similar colors? If you are aware of another thread that has more info on this I'd be happy to read up on it there as well. Thanks again!
  7. I totally agree. Many times in a studio environment you are dealing with many different types of files from clients and other artist that may need adjusting. These features are the difference between a very simple task and a very tedious one. Time = money in many of these cases.
  8. Really hope 'select same fill color' and similar options get added soon in AD. I do feel that AD is really great but some of these basic important features make AD much more difficult to use in a production environment. It would be great to see a focus on some of the less flashy features that are very important to production work. Select same fill color can make a job that would take 45min into a job that would take 5min.
  9. Pixel and Poly

    Guides/ Guidelines

    Great suggestions! I'd also love to have the exact position of a guide displayed at the top of the screen when you are dragging out a new guide. It would help so much.
  10. Pixel and Poly

    Dr. Fate - comicbook colored inked artwork

    Thanks guys! It was fun project to work on. :)
  11. I colored this inked artwork by Walter Simonson in Photo. The art I had to work with wasn't very high res so I needed to resize and adjust the lineart slightly. Walt is an amazing comicbook artist mostly known for his incredible THOR run. Comicbook fans, enjoy!
  12. PHOTO I've noticed this for a while but didn't think to post. You have an image. Make sure 'force pixel alignment is off'. Perform a crop. Then either rasterize the layer or flatten the document and many times there will be a small 1px transparent edge(s) on the image. If it is completely transparent shouldn't it be cropped away? Using 'force pixel alignment' fixes this but it seems that it is not accurate behavior with it off.
  13. Could we have a few options added to the color picker? I'd love to see: A few different magnification options or let the user set the zoom level An option to turn off the shading on the zoomed in area (I find it very distracting when trying to select the color I am looking for) An option to show other color descriptions besides RGB. ie: HSL or HEX
  14. Pixel and Poly

    Introduce Yourself

    Welcome aboard, Jon!
  15. Pixel and Poly

    Simple Eyes made with Designer

    Those all look really nice! Great use of that brush stroke!
  16. Pixel and Poly

    science / astronomy illustrations

    Here are a few of the illustration that I created for a site I just finished working on. All the final images were SVG files but many of them started with a photo reference or with original art created in Photo. There are a few that were all done in Designer as well. For some of the images (such as the quasar and the fusion image) I also used Flame Painter which is a fractal paint application and would then bring those elements into Photo to composite and adjust them to get the final art. I can go into more of the process if anyone is interested. Cheers! Jeff The Universe from A to Z
  17. Pixel and Poly

    Amateur astronomer

    This came out wonderful! Love the color scheme and the clean look of the 'inking' lines!
  18. Pixel and Poly

    Introduce Yourself

    Thanks! Yeah, I had so many topics I wanted to cover, and Nebula was definitely on there, but I really wanted to include all the planets (which is why M gets two). If I do a version 2 or add other items nebula would definitely be there! I would get most of my information from NASA and Wikipedia sources. There are so many amazing nebula images out there - as well as info! I'm not exactly sure what I'd put in the info for nebula. I would spend a lot of time going through each subject and then try to take it down to a very easy to understand paragraph but still keep it true to the science.
  19. I use level adjustments all the time. In the Photoshop levels adjustment there are the input settings and gamma setting at the top but at the bottom there are also output settings. I do use all of them at different times. Is there a way to adjust the output settings in Photo similar to how they would be adjusted in PS? I'm fine if it requires a different adjustment layer, although it would be great if it was located inside the levels adjustment. Cheers! Jeff
  20. Pixel and Poly

    Output levels

    Just wanted to add another request for this feature. Cheers, Jeff
  21. Thanks Peter, I have been using the curves adjustment instead of the levels output and it's a good workaround, I just miss the numeric input for those settings. I'll probably stick to using levels for my gamma adjustments and just add a curves adjustment if I need to adjust the output levels. Thanks for taking the time to reply with all the info. Do you happen to know if someone has put in a feature request for output settings on the levels adjustment? edit: just saw someone already requested this feature.
  22. Pixel and Poly

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all! I'm another long time Adobe Photoshop (cough cough since version 1!) and Illustrator user coming on board here. I've also been around since the early Pagemaker and Freehand days and it's nice to see some new great applications now. I primarily work on my own now and was happy to find some other options that didn't require large monthly payments. I've been pretty impressed with Photo and Designer and while I can see some features that will really help them get more robust they're off to an amazing beginning. I've been slowly getting comfortable switching my creative workflow to only use the Affinity products. My first big project was a science / astronomy education site for young people that I created. All the illustrations and graphics were created with Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer with a few other supporting applications as well. The Universe from A to Z It's nice to see a great community and forum here! Jeff
  23. Ok, thanks for the info, MEB. I'll look forward to having this feature in Photo at some point. I have a workaround using a different product for now but I've been trying to move as much as my workflow to Photo when possible. Cheers!
  24. Hello, In Photo (Win10) is there a way to set a bitmap fill to be exactly 100% of the original size of the file that you use? For example: I'm using a pattern file that is 100x100px. When I use that as a bitmap fill in a Photo document I want the base pattern to be exactly 100x100 px as well. Is there an exact way or a way to put in a numerical scale value for the bitmap pattern file? Thanks, Jeff
  25. Great, Thanks Chris (and Jeff for the double check). Chris, if the dev team needs or wants any other files to review just let me know and I'd be happy to post more if needed. Cheers, Jeff