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  1. I was able to come up with this solution by expanding the stroke and then layering two blurred smaller stroke versions inside. gradient-curve.afdesign
  2. I'm on Win10 and when I merge or flatten the file the lines stay the same and have the bolder look. Everything works as expected on my end.
  3. What do you mean flattening destroys the upper layer. When you flatten a file all the layers get merged into a single one. When you save as a jpg it will flatten the file as well. Are you expecting different behavior?
  4. Can you share the photo file with us so we can look it over? or post some images of before and after of the problem area and the layer settings?
  5. @GHS I think they were recommending you going to this page: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/5-affinity-on-desktop-questions-mac-and-windows/ And click on the START NEW TOPIC button so you can ask your question in a new thread so you might be able to get the help you need. It's hard for people to help you when your question is buried inside someone else's questions.
  6. Glad it worked out! I usually like to keep copies of the unmerged layers just in case I need to go back to them for any reason. Good luck!
  7. If you needed to do that I would make a copy of that group and make a copy of the orange blend background so you have them if needed. Turn off those copied layers so you don't see them. Then select the all the tower layers and also the orange blend background that are visible and merge selected on all of those.
  8. If needed you could merge those layers AND include the background blend and it will work. But you won't be able to move them around or adjust. I would just keep them separate.
  9. The blend modes will matter because Photo will be able to merge the rgb data but it can't display the same layer with different blend modes for each pixel. If they use different blend modes I would probably keep those layers as a group so you can adjust them as needed.
  10. They merge for me the way one would expect. Could you post a before and after picture of your screen so we can see them?
  11. JeffrySG

    Align Space

    Are you trying to align Text to the left or align different objects to the left? If it's text: you can just add 8px to the left indent in the paragraph settings. If it's objects you can align them to the left and then nudge them over 8px with the arrow keys. You can set the nudge distance in the preferences in the Tools section.
  12. It would be great to have an option to let us turn on/off a "scale with object" for an entire group/layer. This would cover all things like line widths, layer effects, individual corner rounding, etc. If you've ever had a complex object built but forgot to turn on/off scale options it can be time consuming to go into every object and adjust the setting. A way to set it for an entire group and/or layer would be a great new workflow enhancement.
  13. Thanks, Carl. I was making copies and then baking some of the objects already but I was hoping to avoid the converting to curves on those corners to keep them adjustable. It would actually be nice if there was a way to set the scaling on a whole group/layer as well. Maybe they'll add an option for that.
  14. Hi all, Is there a way to switch the rounded corner tool to use relative sizes instead of absolute sizes? This can be a real issue when sizing objects that have rounded corners but you want them to stay relative in size. Kind of the way that the rounded rectangle has an absolute option/relative option. Cheers!
  15. If you are in Photo I would just add a fill layer and place it at the bottom of the layers and pick any grey that will work for you. If you are in Designer I would put a rectangle at the bottom of the layers and fill it with a grey as well. You can lock either of these so you don't move or select them. Just turn off those layers before exporting or printing the final files.