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  1. sdjmchattie

    [AD]User Variables in the Slices Panel of Export Persona

    I may be having the same issue but I'm not sure I understand you explanation. I can create a user variable in a slice, I can then use that variable in the Path Components slice settings by dragging them up, but I can't see the user variables in any other slice which defeats the point in having variables.
  2. I've been trying out the new version today having given up previously because of poor export options, I see they've been greatly improved! I would like to use the right workflow for exporting for Android assets. I saw that you can choose lots of options to get for example an .imageset folder for Xcode and this is really great. Android assets are split into sub folders though and there are often 4 or more to create at odd scale factors. What is the best way to do this so I don't have to set up all these scale factors and name all the separate folders I want to export to every time I create a new asset and slice? I saw you can save presets, but can you add and/or create export packages like the one which creates the .imageset package for iOS? Any help on the correct workflow will be gratefully received.