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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice and looking into this. The community here is awesome! Matt, that's great news, I really hope to try the app out and see it in its full glory. The interface looks great. A_B_C, Yup, hear you. some of the programs I use for work are not compatible with any OS above Lion.
  2. Yes, the crash happens 100% of the time so I can replicate it easily. The crash report is 127 pages when I cut and paste it into a file so I cannot post it here. I could email it to you. Perhaps the app is no longer compatible with Lion?
  3. I downloaded the AD trial version onto my Macbook Pro running 10.7.5. I have no trouble running the Adobe CS/CC apps and my machine meets all the minimum requirements for your app. Whenever I try to export any file as an SVG (even just a simple circle or square), nothing is created. No files show up anywhere. Other export methods do work. Then after trying the SVG export, whenever I try to close the file, I get the spinning beach ball and must Force Quit the app. Is this a known bug? Do you have any recommendations? I really wanted to like this app as an alternative to Illustrator but if it's this unstable and unusable, I will need to look elsewhere. Thanks for your time.
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