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  1. Hy, I think, that nearly 100% of the users do a crop action, after straighten a Photo. This will give much speed to the worklflow and works this way in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Photoline ... Maybe this automatic crop action, like written above, it could be an option to turn on/off in the toolsettings.
  2. Hy, I think you have to buy Version 2 as an upgrade.
  3. Hy, what means [AP] and [AD] in the title?
  4. Hy, just watched the Videotutorial for the straighten tool. When using the straighten tool, I always crop the image after to the maximum possible height/width. Why not crop the image automatically, when using the straighten tool? Maybe this could be an option, which has to be activated. This would save me much time, when straighten a lot of images. Also it ould be easier to access, if straighten would be a separate tool of crop, maybe at the same position in the toolbar with this little arrow.

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