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  1. Q HVDB, yes. Hopefully more and more users of Affinity products will become more and more difficult to distinguish. Therefore, such a separation is useful. Let's wait for the implementation. Thanks Greeting Dieter
  2. Hi Admins, it is very hard to see topics for APhoto and ADesinger. I think it would make sense to separate the areas Photo and Designer in the forum - or at least a selection point with new text to Photo or Designer. Some users already do this well with [APh]. Flag Forum Text to Photo or Designer One reads and reads, then it is the other area. Annoying. Help would be very good here. Greets und thanks Dieter
  3. Hi, this problem is known, but will probably still take a few days - but is very important for photographers. See here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33484-page-setup-and-printing-options-print-top-left-without-border/ Greet
  4. Hi, I have tested it again. No crash, but the brush becomes very slow the more you work. I will continue to test this. greeting
  5. Hallo Pollux, danke für die Info. Ich werde es weiter beobachten, aber es war ein harter Crash. Gruß
  6. In Raw development worked with overlay and eraser brushes and now crashed. The brushes were very often used in the picture but were also slow - with trace. Message was also sent with crash windows. Greet
  7. Hi, danke nochmal - hat mir sehr geholfen. Den Link schaue mir an - gibt ja Goo..-Übersetzer. Gruß
  8. Hallo MBd, danke für deine Hinweise. Ich habe jetzt über das Assistenten-Menü alle Filter, Masken von Unterebenen erstellen weggenommen und nur auf "neue Ebenen" gestellt. Jetzt werden alle Ebenen oben einzeln hinzugefügt. Eine untere Ebene (also anwenden nur z.B. auf eine Maske) kann man dann ja entsprechend verschieben. Vielen Dank für die Hilfe - war mir doch etwas verwirrend und jetzt hat dies auch eine gewisse Logik (oben auf alles wirkend, und geschachtelt nur auf deren oberen Bereich z.B. Maske) Habe ich dies so richtig verstanden? Also nochmal danke. Ja im deutschen Forum war ich schon drin - aber da soll man erst mal spenden. Zusätzlich ist es nur für Mitglieder und nicht offen - eben komisch. Hier bekommt man wenigstens geholfen. Ansonsten sind die Tutorials ja sehr gut. Gruß
  9. Danke, Thanks, hier ein Scrennshot was ich meine. Den gaußschen Unschärfefilter habe ich über "neue Live-Ebene" hinzugefügt und zeigt aber keine Reaktion (in diesem Fall für das Bild auch nicht wichtig und gewollt - nur als Beispiel). Warum einmal unterhalb des Background und mal nicht? Gruß und Danke
  10. Hi AstroMax thanks - yes this looks quite good. But my English is too bad to understand quickly what is meant :rolleyes: - I come from Germany. Basic photo techniques from Lightroom / CS2 and ACDSEE I have. The logical steps in APh with the level assignment are not yet clear to me. Especially when sub-layer or full-layer. Thanks and regards Dieter
  11. Hi, which order in the processing of photos with layers and filters should be best kept to achieve the best possible results. I have problems that the new filter levels are usually not so placed and a visual inspection is difficult. I'm still confused. I have seen the videos, but no tips on the procedure (step by step). Perhaps the "profis" can help here. Would be nice. Thanks Dieter
  12. Hi wim, I have already reported and is included in the requirement. Link: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33754-set-the-unit-of-measure-from-pixel-to-mm-fixed-and-save/ Greeting Dieter
  13. Hi, how can I change in APh the unit of measure from the ruler of pixels also generally to mm? If this is not possible at the moment, please register as a requirement. I e.g. Always use the unit mm. The settings of the units of the ruler should be storable. Thanks Dieter
  14. Hi, the made preferences from. 51 are overwritten by the update .52. Can not keep the settings. E.g. I had background black now again white. Other settings you have to write otherwise to be always on the latest. Or how to save the settings separately and insert them again. Thanks Dieter
  15. Hi rickd, you mean printing over LR (Lightroom)? I thought this would be a solution for direct printing from APh. Thanks Dieter
  16. Hi Rickd, is certainly a possibility - but a crutch and elaborate. :rolleyes: In addition, one must also be able to print different sizes of an image without having to adjust the image itself. Greeting Dieter
  17. I have the .52 installed over the .51 and until now everything is ok.
  18. Hi Lee D, ok then I probably have an additional step with other SW print. Is an important thing, because otherwise much best photopapier is lost. I like to wait for a solution that helps everyone. Thanks Dieter
  19. Hi, I mean exactly this problem from 2015 with Mac, only now with Windows. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/7632-page-setup-and-printing-options/ Please provide info about the stand at APh-Windows or how should I work. Thanks and regards Dieter
  20. Hi, a simple question. How can I specify in the print selection "Prints top left without border"? Printing is always in the middle of the paper. Printer is Canon i9950 (A3+). Other SW work ok. I have not found a choice in the print menu. Is certainly very easy, but I do not find it - synonymous not in the video. Example of what I mean. Is from faststone Thanks Dieter
  21. Hi, in the lens corrections is missing the entry for the Panasonic DMC-TZ101. - but camera is in list --> ok. can closed or delete. Absent in the lens profiles "compact-panasonic" Can this be asked please. Thanks Dieter
  22. Hi, is running ok. Background is white. In settings on black. All ok on time. Greets Dieter
  23. Hi, Nik-Collection new installed and now everything is correct. Can be closed or deleted, as no APh error. Thanks Dieter
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