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  1. Hello, enclosed a PDF of the keyboard short in German for AFPhoto WIN V. Maybe it helps a little. Greeting Dieter AF-Photo_Tastenkürzel_aktuelle_Verwendung_Windows.pdf
  2. Hello dmstraker, thanks for the PDF. In addition, a list of the shortcuts V WIN in german. See here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37468-shortcuts-afphoto-win-in-german/ Greets Dieter PS: I hope it is ok, the additional list here?
  3. Hi Anna Susanna, I have downloaded it. A beautiful template. Greeting Dieter
  4. Hello Jindra, you are right if you only work in the adjustments with curve (= destructive). If you want to use several curves, you have to add "Level" "New Levels of Gradation Curve" or "Ctrl + M" for WIN. Greet Dieter Ps. But if you make a different adjustment (e.g., HSL) and then curve, then a new customization level is added automatically. For further processing of the already edited curve you have to double-click on the layer.
  5. Thanks for the information. Should also be accepted into the requirements, as important for a good workflow. Greeting Dieter
  6. Posted 27 February 2017 - 08:21 AM Hello MEB, yes exactly so I mean that. Is much less work for same many pictures! How is this now? And later, a function in the DAM can be used for images syncronize. In addition, Macro for Develop Persona (all Persona) would be great. Greeting Dieter Hi MEB, I wanted to ask again. What is the solution? Thanks and greeting
  7. Hallo Urs, um helfen zu können solltest du das Problem genauer beschreiben. es gibt hier viele User die dann helfen können. Ansonsten noch mit F1 die Hilfefunktion. Aber auch dies hier ist eine Möglichkeit https://translate.google.de/?hl=de&sl=en. Die Übersetzung ist nicht 100%, aber meist wird es verstanden was gemeint ist. Gruß Dieter
  8. Hello MEB, yes exactly so I mean that. Is much less work for same many pictures! How is this now? And later, a function in the DAM can be used for images syncronize. In addition, Macro for Develop Persona (all Persona) would be great. Greeting Dieter
  9. Hello, how can you store in the riders "Simple", "Lens", "Departement" with defaults in a total specification in Develop persona. Is for me important for different cameras / lenses with one "click" an overall development per camera to be able to make and no single specifications use. One possibility would be to realize this via makros, but in Develop Persona macro is not possible. If there is no solution for now, please include in the request. Thanks and greets Dieter
  10. Hi, I know this, yes I can do it and have it also. But should all WIN users do it? Standard shortcuts for Win must come from the WIN installer. Greeting
  11. I do not know that anymore. Important that it works. Is so ok.
  12. Hi, thanks - yes goes. But there was once the function "Import".
  13. Hi, where has the PDF Import function remained? Import at all is no longer available. In beta this was included. Had used it myself. Important function. greeting
  14. Hi, I can also send a .doc with the keyboard shortcut for Windows to take over in the help file by the developers. Have the data with the existing standard code for Win (Strg ....) improved. If you are interested, please provide upload address. You do not have to do everything more than once. Greeting Dieter
  15. Hi, in the Win version, the keyboard shortcuts are still activated mainly on Mac. Please change the presets to meaningful key combinations without breaking your fingers, eg changing the brush size from [ ] to eg - and + Thank you Dieter Supplement: Keyboard shortcut from Help-file does not match with Windows Verse. Match Many abbreviations can not be selected as in help text. How can you print changed topical abbreviations as a list? Thanks and regards
  16. Hi James, have watched the videos. Very good for me as a help to work with masks and layers. Thank you. Two questions: - Where can one find the soft- and nightlight brushes? I can't find. - Can I download the video to view it offline? Many thanks for the help Dieter
  17. Hi, very simple. I would like to know how future beta will be announced. Only via forum, mail or how? Old beta delete Y / N? Is not difficult to answer. Anyone who does not know can ignore this simple question. greeting
  18. Hi Petar, and how is that done? Beta always try it, right? If so please email to customer! greeting Dieter
  19. Hi, for customers additional beta version no longer works. yesterday is work. "Beta version no longer valid". I thought for customers remains the possibility of beta usage and also at new beta. Why is this so now? Greeting Dieter
  20. Hi, in which Affinity/System folder can I find the - Macros - Printers and color profiles - Find printer profiles ICC and paper-sizes. I would like to make a cleanup. I do not need US or Japan. In folder ressources is printer-icc only. Is Aff-WIN Thanks and regards Dieter
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