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  1. As i have the latest edition of Affinity photo , i was wondering as to when there will be a programme to edit video ?? Thanks !!
  2. Great to see the update fixed the Nik font probs , thanks to all at the team Affinity !!
  3. Thanks for your quick and courteous reply , i will of course wait for that update to arrive , very helpful of all here on the forum !! Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info and the help, if the case is that i cannot now use the Nik Collection in the new updated Affinity photo , how can i now go back to the Affinity photo version before the update as then the Nik collection should work ok then before i updated the Affintiy photo to the new version , any help and links to do this would be appreciated Thanks
  5. Sorry , but have you the link for the Nik Collection 2 demo ?? and is it free or do i have to pay ??
  6. Thanks you very much for your help , i will wait to see what happens and maybe there will be some info sent out as to when it is ok again , or the new one is ok to use , again ..Thanks
  7. I have the latest version of Affinity photo , but today when working on a photo the box comes up "updating fonts ", i am on an imac with all latest updates and also using the Nik collection , the box "updating fonts " only appears when i try to use the Nik collection , and i have to force quit Affinity until it disapears ,any help appreciated Thanks
  8. I did not get the screen you talk about for the free content , can i get it now backdated ?? Thanks
  9. Niphotos

    Northern Ireland Photos

    Photographs and images from around Northern Ireland at our website https://www.niphotos.com enjoy !!
  10. What does the Meridan brush tool actually do ? Thanks http://www.niphotos.com
  11. Thanks for that info , still learning about this programme , great so far !! B)
  12. Now i know it is the tutorials somewhere , i want to take the moon from one photo to another , is there a tutorial for this , any help appreciated !! Thanks Joe B)
  13. Firstly , this really is a brilliant software prog , and yes in parts it is complicated , but this is offset by the great tutorials and watching them from beginning to end has really helped me , more than worth the price paid ,and although i may not use all the features the ability to fix raw and jpeg images all from the same prog is a real benefit , the cloning and the stacking of photos to improve the look is brill , look forward to the new updates !! http://www.niphotos.com B)
  14. Dancing swan in Lurgan park http://www.niphotos.com

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