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  1. Ahhh. Thanks walt I know the option is present. I want is to be on by default so I don't have to set it each time. I have never had preserve alpha off when using the blur filters. I would think that the first thing most people do most of the time when using the blur filters is to set it to be on. As my original question was about making the option sticky I assumed that he would be talking about the same thing.
  2. I can't get it to work. Just created a Gaussian blur live filter layer. Turn on preserve alpha. Then Created another one and the preserve alpha was turned off. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Could the preserve alpha be set as a preference option for the blur filters?
  4. Is there any way to have preserve alpha on by default? I have never had the need to leave it in the off state but I sometimes forget to turn it on.
  5. Been adobe free for a while now. I use.. Capture One. This is a superb raw processor. All of my images go here first for basic adjustments. Affinity Photo. I use this for anything that Capture One can't do. I think Affinity Photo is very much underrated. People just don't realise how powerful it is. For me it is worth the price for the blend range functionality alone. It has it's quirks, but what software doesn't. Davinci Resolve & Fusion. Free and with everything I need for my video production needs. I havent needed any advanced vector stuff yet but when I do I will buy Affinity Designer.
  6. RamaBot

    Cygnets with Affinity Photo

    Cheers John. And I did remove most of them individually or a couple/three at a time.There were really thousands of little bits. Here is the image before I removed them. Zoom in to the image to get an idea of how many.
  7. Cygnets shot on my trusty old a6000. Basic adjustments with Capture One. Affinity Photo inpainting brush used to get rid of the thousands of bits of floating rubbish on the surface of the water. HSL adjustment tool used to selectively change the colours in the water to make it look nicer.
  8. Please add the ability to select a colour range in the hue/saturation adjustment panel. Thank you.
  9. RamaBot

    Photo crashing windows

    Hi Chris. Yesterday I was having crash after crash. I pinned it down to just zooming and panning a 6000*4000 image. It was completely repeatable. I could get the crash to happen in a few seconds. I also checked and at no point was I maxing out the ram. So it couldn't be virtual memory. Then I switched to the warp renderer and all was stable. I couldn't repeat the crash. This was starting to smell like a graphics driver problem. So I updated my graphics driver and presto,the crash has gone. I have been working all morning without a single problem. I apologise to the team. As a software developer of over 35 years I should have been more thorough and methodical in my testing before blaming the software. I am now back in Affinity Photo heaven
  10. RamaBot

    Photo crashing windows

    Affinity Photo is crashing almost daily on my windows 10 machine. Here is the latest crash report. I had a quick look at it in visual studio ( I am also a programmer ) Some sort of problem accessing virtual memory. I have attached the Crash report file. Hope it helps. af6acf5e-414d-40ea-bfc2-78cf05bbc5ef.dmp
  11. RamaBot

    Windows version very slow

    Windows 10. Version Rubbish 5 year old i5 pc with 8gb ram. Around 8 seconds to load a nef raw file from d7200.
  12. RamaBot

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    I use an Aiptek 600u. What does hifts mean?
  13. RamaBot

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    After using my tablet to paint I cannot access the menu with the mouse. Start the program. Create new image with the mouse. Select paint tool with tablet. Draw something with tablet. Try closing accessing the menu bar with the mouse and it does not respond. You can't resize the window or close the program etc. The menu still works with the tablet though.