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  1. Version Windows Using LEVELS Adjustment, RGB selected, then choose channel RED, and as soon as the Black, or White slider is moved the histogram for RED changes back to the Master histogram. Same for Green and Blue channels. Can no longer adjust individual changes. See attached screen captures.
  2. I suggest that Edit/Preferences (or elsewhere if more appropriate) should allow the user to choose the default to be used. First suggestion is for Raw Persona, CROP, on the Context Toolbar, MODE: allow one of the drop down values to be the default (would save having to always choose it from the list. e.g. Original Ratio becomes the default. Also, on the Context Toolbar, OVERLAY, allow to set the default, e.g. Golden Spiral Second suggestion, Photo Persona, on File/Export dialogue, allow one of the Presets to be selected as the default rather than have to choose it every time. Small changes, but when you have to mouse/click select to do these things for every photo it wastes time.

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