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    MagicDoesMons got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Testing Affinity Publisher (Mac) Auto-Update   
    All went through fine for me.
    Quick and painless.
    Can't wait until this is a commercially available product!!
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    MagicDoesMons got a reaction from Gilescooperuk in Affinity Publisher crashing   
    This may have something to do with the other bug report on this page in that the previous file has an image inside the master page.
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    MagicDoesMons got a reaction from Benjihota in Affinity Publisher crashing   
    Can we have a link to the previous version of affinity publisher too? I'd quite like to keep playing with the file i have already created as a lot of time has gone in to it and exploring the capabilities of the software without me having to start again.
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    Hi markelliscope,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
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