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  1. @ Frozen Death Knight - I totally agree, and thank you for the info on inkscape! I have only been using Affinity design for a month or 2 now and must say I am really impressed so i'm not putting the product or team behind it down I just feel moving away from a very old application I was expecting this new modern day graphic application to pack more and better features than what i had with "Macromedia Fireworks" I really hope this feature will be considered in future releases.
  2. I cant seem to find any sort of roadmap and i take it that this is still not a available feature? It's really disappointing as it seems like such a basic feature? I used to use this in Fireworks almost 15 Years ago. Can we expect to see this some time in the future?
  3. Hi Guys , i have the trail for windows downloaded and installed but when i open it i get told the trail has expired ?
  4. Hahahahhhah , you guys.... I always have such a good laugh when I see a mail notification from this forum cause I know it’s someone that wants to try your product but is just not allowed to , It makes me think “image these guys sold cars” the car is priced really well but you not allowed to see what it looks like inside or outside cause we working on it , But you can buy one .lol – I really don’t mean to be mean but this seems so crazy right ? :)
  5. Hi Guys , any news on a trial for windows ? I see i can buy it just not test it ? I'm eagerly waiting to test so that i can dump my current design application. Can you please specify the trail release date for us ?
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