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  1. When adding or editing text to existing text frame. When I click in the text frame. In layers menu highlighted text frame jumps to the under lying layer pixel layer. I click the text icon cursor select text frame cursor changes to T in a square, I click in the text frame that already contains text. and text layer is deselected, the pixel is under is now selected. Thanks Jimmy
  2. Ok I locked I locked the pixel layer. Now when I click in the text layer, the Background (locked) gets selected instead
  3. Yes. When I click in the text layer the layer becomes deselected. The pixel layer beneath becomes selected . When using the text frame tool [T]
  4. When I copy paste into Affinity photo the object has only about 95% opacity IE. can still see a shadow of underlying object pastied onto. Oacity is set to 100%?. Thanks Jimmy
  5. How to create a white border round the edge of photograph with Affinity Photo? Thanks
  6. I like the FX outline BUT get only left, right and bottom border. The left border is wider than the right border no top border?
  7. I'm a newbie with Affinity Photo having moved over from Photoplus. Yesterday. The selection brush tool it was working fine and I loved today it will not select. :( The freehand selection tool, selects while holding the left mouse button, take finger off the button selection gone. Running on Win 10 HP pavilion laptop. Thanks Jimmy
  8. Rubyjim

    Kelpie In the forest

    Thank you this information is what I was looking for :)
  9. Rubyjim

    Kelpie In the forest

    I wold love comments critic hints any thing I'm new to photo editing I've included the raw jpg
  10. What Plug in's can be used with Affinity Photo?
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    Kelpie In the forest

    The raw jgg did not upload? sorry
  12. When I try to add more text or changing text using Artistic text tool or frame text tool. Affinity adds a new layer? The insert tool changes to square icon containing T :wub: Thank Jimmy.
  13. Rubyjim

    Flood Select tool

    When I use the Flood Select tool my PC Affinity Photo stops responding for about 45 seconds? HP Pavilion running win 19 latest updates
  14. Are you running MS Windows? Go to Control panel > Administrative tools disk clean up. Hope this helps.
  15. I have lost a toolbar see attainment
  16. Freehand tool is working but ADD, subtract, intersect are all greyed out? Can not copy or cut? Selection brush tool not working?
  17. In layers I have "Show pixel lair ticked. Rectangle and other selection shapes work as expected. Selection brush and freehand tool not working. These were working 2 days a go? Thank you for your help
  18. Yes you assumed correct I'm Affinity Photo. Thank you both for being so helpful Problem solved.
  19. When I use a quick shape it disappears as soon as I select a tool IE. paint brush or flood tool? Thanks Jimmy
  20. Using win 10 When I click say Ellipse and pullout a circle click the flood tool (yellow) the Eclipse is gone but still listed in layers. tried bringing to top layer
  21. I really like Cats but allergic to them :(
  22. Thanks for replying the fill is yellow