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  1. For me, on M1 Mac the overall performance is worse than 1.9.3. I've tested with the same file and the thumbnails have taken a lot of time to appear, moving one image seems that we are doing with some lag. In the 1.9.3 doing the same is fine for me.
  2. Hi. I have a crash repeatedly when using data merge manager if i use range field to export every record. If i click on range, for instance 2, and the generate, the new document is generated, the getting back to the original document and type the 3rd record and then click generate i've got an instant crash. Log attached. Affinity Publisher Beta_2021-03-20-174636_MacBook-Air-de-Daniel.crash
  3. Sorry @Dazmondo77 can't help with that, but i have the apps updated now, maybe 3 hours ago i've reloaded the updates page in the MAS store. Something about 700MB each. I'm on Big Sur with one M1 Apple silicon chip.
  4. (NOTE: This thread was originally posted in this Announcement thread, but it was split off by a moderator when replies to it turned into it's own topic) Thanks in advance for the fixes! At this time i'm writing the updates are still not available in the MAS, but the Publisher from the Affinity Store was updated without problems this morning! Keep them coming!
  5. I've just received my Air M1/16GB and this is what I've got.
  6. @Andy Somerfield i can't open this .203 build after today app store app update. It's asking for a registration/product Key
  7. When you create a new document you have the option right after the document sizes.
  8. They work for me. I've done a quick test, i've placed 2 images in a document with prefer linked setting and then i've closed the document and deleted one of the pictures. I've reopened the document and i have a warning tell me that one of the resources are missing.
  9. If you use view > resource manager it doesn't help you make them linked/embedded?
  10. I can reproduce your crash, but i have tested with some other shapes and no crash. Here is my crash log attached. Affinity Designer Beta_2020-11-06-172547_Mac-mini-de-Daniel.crash
  11. @Jon P I think this is the same problem, since the Publisher .822 have the same and just not the bleed as i have reported here. So, at the moment i can't create any custom sized document neither in Designer or Publisher.
  12. The app crash, for me, everytime i try to use tab when when creating new document, then placing any number in page width and then using tab to go for page height. Note: crash too only using click on height after inputting page width. Crash log attached. Affinity Designer Beta_2020-11-03-185843_Mac-mini-de-Daniel.crash
  13. The app for me crash everytime i go to file-new, use a print press ready size, put a number in the first bleed input, for instance 0 and then use tab to go to the next bleed input Crash log attached Affinity Publisher Beta_2020-10-28-145316_Mac-mini-de-Daniel.crash
  14. I will just reply to you (and i'm opening an exception) to tell you that i really know where view-> show bleed is and what is it for but that is not my problem, if it's working for you fine. For me this is a closed case and i will not reply anymore regarding this.
  15. I'm almost sure it was working on that's why i'm talking about it, and it is not the first time that you crash with me because you like to meddle in what does not concern you. For me is enough. I'm just here to help find things and make the app better, but not this way. This is my last post here in beta forums. Sorry.
  16. @MattP still can't see the bleed in a document with artboards. No problems with brushes, neither vector or raster. Everything seems to be working. I can reorder layers without problems in pixel persona too.
  17. Thanks! This gives me a much better understanding of it now. Could be useful in labels for example.
  18. I've just done a quick test using data merge, and it is ok for what i want it to do, but honestly i don't understand what we can do with the data merge node tool. If someone have a quick video or something showing what we can do with it would be nice. Thanks
  19. Thanks I've stoped reading the new features as soon as i see Data Merge. Thank you, thank you a lot. Can't wait to try this!
  20. I can confirm this too, and it was ok on Pen tool, pencil tool.
  21. Seems a little smaller in Catalina, especially when it's side by side with Designer or Publisher. Maybe due to the rounded corners... At this point i can't say if i like it or not 😁 On the top left, the persona one will remain square?
  22. Yes, i know, but unfortunately when i have those i was a little bit tight on time and i've to do what i have said. I have some more printings to come since i have a print shop, and will let you know as soon as i spot another file with some problems. I will try to reproduce with the 2 i've had problems too.
  23. I'm having a problem, at least twice, i've exported the file, no errors, the file seems to be ok, but when printed (happened with 2 different printers and 2 different files) i end up with some weird caracters. The preset i'm using is the X-1a:2003 and unfortunately i don't have the files because i have to convert the font to curves and i've exported over the file but will be aware and as soon as i've another file with problems i will post it here. (I know i shouldn't use the beta for work but that is the only way to find problems right? )
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