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  1. Hi Guys, Thought I'd add to this thread instead of starting a new one. I'm on Catalina 10.15.1 and AF 1.7.3 and having the exact same issues as others are having in the 'Unsplash' dropdown. As I type in an actual word, i.e dog, cat, house etc, then AP immediately crashes. If I type a random string of letters, it doesn't. Search results seem to be giving it a problem it seems. 'Pixabay' and 'Pexels' function as intended. I've attached a crash report. Thanks. AP Unsplash Crash.rtf
  2. Duet seems to be set at 1366 x 1024. Higher resolutions are 1536 x 1152 and 2048 x 1536.
  3. Wow scratch that, it's just magically fixed itself. Can anyone shed any light on the situation anyway? What you meant to do if it happens? Thanks again.
  4. Hi guys, I've been trying out Duet Display with Affinity apps for a bit and have ran into a weird issue that I can't seem to get around. When I move some of the panels (layers, for instance) from the external display (iPad Pro) to my main display (Macbook Pro) I lose the ability to access the top bar of said panels which you require to drag them around. I assume this is because the 2 displays are set to different resolutions therefore the layers panel appears a bit bigger when I move it and cuts the top of the panel from view. I've tried Window > Clean Up Floating Windows and it doesn't seem to do a thing. Any advice? Kind of stuck with panels in my way at the moment which means my work day has effectively stopped. Which is good and bad. I've attached a screenshot. Thanks.
  5. Hi MEB, Unfortunatly not. It's another designers PDF I got handed and asked to edit. I think it may have been done originally in Illustrator... Thanks anyway.
  6. Hey guys, Quick question, is it possible to bulk change the shape of circles to squares? Or a different shape at all? I'm sure I used to do it in Illustrator but not sure since moving to the Affinity suite. Cheers! P.s Screenshot for referance. Trying to change the lot to squares.
  7. Well, I guess to answer my initial question, it's an feature on the OS level and not in Designer, so there's that. With regards to how Font Book and OSX handle fonts, who the hell knows. I've been messing about for a few hours, disabling/enabling/deleting/reinstalling fonts and I can't work out what the process is. As RC-R says he never has any dimmed fonts in the list therefore can't download them. I do have all dimmed fonts available and can download/delete as I see fit, however a work colleague of mine has dimmed fonts but a slightly different overall list. And don't get me started on how to work out what fonts you can safely disable or delete. Very weird, I don't get it Apple.
  8. Hey, Yea, it is strange indeed having a mysterious download option! I’m on Mac and I was trying to open a native .afdesign file. I downloaded AD from the MAS. Cheers.
  9. Hey, Just wondering where Affinity Designer (not sure about Photo) downloads missing fonts from when you open up a document without them installed. Never really needed the feature, just curious. Popped a screenshot in to highlight my question. Cheers!
  10. Yea, I used to use Illustrator all the time and was only familiar with the 'expand stroke' type functionality. I was a bit confused with the addition of the whole 'convert to curves' thing. I'll admit, I'm still a bit lost even after your explaination. Any good videos on the subject you can think of? Cheers!
  11. Thanks @MEB, that's pretty interesting. Still don't quite get it but I'll keep messing about until I do. Btw, is there a good video anyone knows of that explains it? Cheers!
  12. Hey guys, Quick question, what's the main difference between the 'Expand Stroke' command and the 'Convert to Curves' one? What example would I use one over the other? Cheers!
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