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  1. Yes, I did check:^). It is only the marquee tool that doesn't snap in the latest beta (I've gone back to the last stable version and the marquee tool "snaps" perfectly).
  2. Probably reported elsewhere but in the rectangular marquee tool snap to guides in the latest beta it does not. Thanks, Pete
  3. Enjoying using the betas but print dialogue is missing the print button!
  4. It seems the attachment didn't load!
  5. Result only using Affinity Photo (all adjustments made in Develop Persona except removing the power lines). The answer to being underexposed is to use Curves. I too have deleted the original. Pete
  6. Chris, Excellent, really enjoying using the software, keep up the good work. Pete
  7. Hi, 1. Open a raw file in the Develop Persona 2. Crop to outside of the image (effectively making the canvas bigger) 3. Develop 4. Using the Flood Select Tool click in the "transparent" area (suggest top left). The selection will not include the right of the image or the bottom. In the same way if you paint on the image the brush stroke will stop at the right and bottom of the image but won't extend onto the transparency. Also in the Develop Persona under Noise Reduction the "Details" slider does not appear to do anything. Enjoying Affinity Photo (almost ready to replace PS!). Keep up the good work. Pete
  8. Harrym, You are right, this is also giving me the problem of duplicating raw settings across a series of images (in this case breaching whales) such that they all are "the same". To get round it I'm using either Photoninja or DXO as my raw develop (very easy to copy settings from one raw image to a series) then composite in Affinity Photo.
  9. Apologies, you are correct the measurement points do work when you drag from the info panel. Thanks for the fast response. Pete
  10. Possible issues: 1. In the develop module you cannot place measurement points on the image. 2. The Details slider in Noise Reduction is having no effect. Some nice to haves: 1. The ability to "switch" the overlays on and off 2. The ability to save the overlays 3. When using Curves can the panel be resizeable to make placing points easier and can Input and Output values of individual points be shown and adjustable 4. Can the channels histogram be resizeable I can recover more highlight details using Affinity than other raw converters (DXO, NX-D, PhotoNinja). A brilliant piece of software, can't wait to give you my money. Pete