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  1. Open an image, draw a circle, blur the circle with Gaussian Blur, clip the image to the blurred circle (you should now have a circular cut out of the image with blurred edges). If you print this image the blur is removed and you get a hard edged circular print, if you rasterise the image before printing you get a blurred edge circular print which is correct. Hope that makes sense!
  2. Open a blank page, create a new text box and insert some text, set a baseline grid for the text frame and (assuming you have the baseline grid visible) all is OK. Now "click" outside of the text frame and the baseline grid moves, click back in the text frame and it moves back to the correct position. Never had the problem with any of the previous betas.
  3. BPMH

    White isn't White!

    Attached is a video screen grab of the problem on my machine. Hope it helps. RGB Problem.mp4
  4. BPMH

    White isn't White!

    Windows 10 Version 1803 OS Build 17134.345 and Affinity Publisher Beta I originally discovered it when printing (you could just see the difference between paper white and the white gradient on my document). The value the dropper gives varies with the colour space of the document (as you would expect).
  5. Draw a square on a document, fill it with a linear gradient with both ends of the gradient set to white (RGB all at 255) and then measure with the dropper. I get R254 G255 B254! Is it me or is this a minor bug?
  6. Indigo, thank you that's what I was looking for.
  7. Sorry to be dim but how do you clear user defaults on start-up ("Requires 'Clear User Defaults' on start-up")? Thanks for a great piece of software (just finished and printed my annual calendar in the previous beta).
  8. When pasting a carriage return list in a table all the data is inserted into the first selected cell rather than first line of list into first cell, second into second etc. Excellent to see this product coming along.
  9. 2on2out, It is probably easier if you post the picture of the baseball players so we can understand what needs to be done as there are many different techniques for replacing backgrounds. Mark
  10. Windows 10 Build 15063.674 - Affinity Photo. In the Print Dialogue under Colour Management select a Printer Profile then select Layout (or one of the other options) return to Colour Management and the Printer Profile has been changed back to the document profile (sRGB or in my case Adobe RGB). Also my previous bug report on a new Marquee no "snapping" to guides is still an issue. Other than that really enjoying using the new release. Pete
  11. BPMH

    NEF files underexposed

    It seems the attachment didn't load!
  12. BPMH

    NEF files underexposed

    Result only using Affinity Photo (all adjustments made in Develop Persona except removing the power lines). The answer to being underexposed is to use Curves. I too have deleted the original. Pete
  13. Chris, Excellent, really enjoying using the software, keep up the good work. Pete
  14. Hi, 1. Open a raw file in the Develop Persona 2. Crop to outside of the image (effectively making the canvas bigger) 3. Develop 4. Using the Flood Select Tool click in the "transparent" area (suggest top left). The selection will not include the right of the image or the bottom. In the same way if you paint on the image the brush stroke will stop at the right and bottom of the image but won't extend onto the transparency. Also in the Develop Persona under Noise Reduction the "Details" slider does not appear to do anything. Enjoying Affinity Photo (almost ready to replace PS!). Keep up the good work. Pete