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  1. I tried it again, there is no setting of PDF that is compatible with AFfinity's placing option that won't be rasterized to a JPG in side a PDF container - according to the prevlight dialog box.

    I wish Serif would be definitive on this so I knew what to choose. What does not work is PDF Export. It really does rasterize everything when the page is exported that the PDF was placed on. 

  2. I've tried all of those in the list. When they come back in preflight always says they are incompatible. 

    It does not seem to matter if it's the newest at 1.7 or the oldest at1.3 or PDF/X-4. They all have the same error and many will be rasterized on output. I check to make sure the PDf that came out of Designer is vector. I then place it in Publisher - preflight always gives the warning - Sometimes it's vector on output but many times it is not - as the warning suggests. I would like to see a list of what is fully compatible with passthrough in Publisher, but i haven't found it yet. 

    Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 5.54.19 PM.jpg


    39 minutes ago, Skyzlmt said:


    Simply the eps file is imported into Affinity as a Raster image.   Pixelated. 

    Are you dropping the file in from finder/explorer or are you opening the file? That makes a big difference on how Designer handles a file. If you open the file, (PDF, EPS, etc.) it will, most likely, be editable as if it were made in Designer. If you are dropping it on the canvas, it will place it as an image/link.

    The only time I don't see this work to edit is if AI made the file and didn't embed the PDF.

  4. Quote

    We may be in the minority but it still indicates something is happening that shouldn't be, methinks.

    I do not disagree at all.

    3 hours ago, Pafoofnik said:

    I mentioned in my original post that I'm running MaxOS Mojave.

    I am running Catalina. I'm not upgrading at this time.

    I've installed so far on four of my office macs - all running different OS (Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, High Sierra - 10 yr old imac) and all installed without error. The only one that took a while was Catalina.

  5. Dan explained the problem and solution quite well:


    If your colours are changing when exporting, this is usually due to the colour profile in use for the document not matching the profile used to export.

    If you have Photoshop then I would think you would also have access to Acrobat DC. The tool is called output preview, and if you are designing for print, this is something you need to know and use. It could also be exporting as CMYK but your document is in RGB. 

    I wish you well on getting this solved on your end.

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