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  1. I tried it again, there is no setting of PDF that is compatible with AFfinity's placing option that won't be rasterized to a JPG in side a PDF container - according to the prevlight dialog box. I wish Serif would be definitive on this so I knew what to choose. What does not work is PDF Export. It really does rasterize everything when the page is exported that the PDF was placed on.
  2. I never thought of seperated mode as a possible issue. Does that mode cause other effects that I should be aware of?
  3. I do believe this may be fixed. The first time a did a "Save As" the Publisher did not crash. that is the first time in months that it has not crashed performing that type of save. Let's hope this is good permanently.
  4. If you have the fonts and know the two words you want, I would think 15 minutes would get you done in Designer - as vector. Here is one I created. It took about an hour for everything. I can't imagine that a couple of words with a mid curve could be that much of aproblem.
  5. One thing to think about is if you have Presets (where circled), I have had the OS deleted them at times - Very frustrating. I lose them out of all apps.
  6. you have rotated your pasteboard. On the Mac it's fairly easy to do with touchpad. Click View and reset rotation. It's a little different on Publisher but about the same.
  7. I've tried all of those in the list. When they come back in preflight always says they are incompatible. It does not seem to matter if it's the newest at 1.7 or the oldest at1.3 or PDF/X-4. They all have the same error and many will be rasterized on output. I check to make sure the PDf that came out of Designer is vector. I then place it in Publisher - preflight always gives the warning - Sometimes it's vector on output but many times it is not - as the warning suggests. I would like to see a list of what is fully compatible with passthrough in Publisher, but i haven't found it yet.
  8. Are you dropping the file in from finder/explorer or are you opening the file? That makes a big difference on how Designer handles a file. If you open the file, (PDF, EPS, etc.) it will, most likely, be editable as if it were made in Designer. If you are dropping it on the canvas, it will place it as an image/link. The only time I don't see this work to edit is if AI made the file and didn't embed the PDF.
  9. I am getting these errors and the documents are rasterized. I'm trying to figure out what PDF is supported to not be rasterized. Is there anywhere that gives a listing? I cna't find one on the help or the Affinity site. I would prefer the vector to passthrough and not be rasterized but I cannot find a version that works with Publisher. thanks!
  10. I see the same thing and I'm not quite sure why. I believe before 1.9 it did do as you describe - vector type, drop shadow as raster underneath.
  11. I tested the tiff export and I'm seeing the same thing as nodeus. Export or slices do not export bleeds in Designer. Export PDF has bleeds fine even with turning off JPG so it uses tiff.
  12. Dan explained the problem and solution quite well: If you have Photoshop then I would think you would also have access to Acrobat DC. The tool is called output preview, and if you are designing for print, this is something you need to know and use. It could also be exporting as CMYK but your document is in RGB. I wish you well on getting this solved on your end.
  13. There is the preview that's available and you don't have to open anything. On the Mac you just press spacebar while in Finder. Not sure on Windows.
  14. If you are checking color numbers don't use photoshop because you will introduce another place of introducing color profiles. Use Acrobat - it can show the numbers accurately along with overprints and color seperations.
  15. Considering Serif already has this ability built in when a PDF is imported, this does not seem to be an intuitive way, even if it worked. I say this because I tried it and it does not work to change the fonts in the document. At best it can change the text in one text block. Here is the video: Font replacement failure.mp4
  16. I understand what migo is asking for. When you open a PDF it offers to replace the missing font with a substitute and it can be permanent if you choose. Once you are past importing the pdf, you can only substitute the font each time the file is opened. Other programs due allow the permanent change of fonts with a click. I do like how Affinity handles it but having a permanent option would be nice too so it doesn't tell you fonts are missing when in fact you have already chose a substitute that you would like to be permanent. Alfred, you offered a solution with "Find & Replace". How do you make a substitute font change to a permanent font in all of a document's font usage as permanent? I don't see such an option there.
  17. I have collected and attached the files. Thanks!!Affinity Publisher_2021-07-27-174045_Station-7.crash crash.mp4
  18. I have a file that whenever I "save as" (to clean up deleted stuff and shrink the file back down) on my Intel MBP it crashes Affinity Publisher. I can "save" just fine but not save as. However, if I "Save As" on an M1 Mac it does not crash. Is there something I can do to fix the program?
  19. Strange problem that I have been encountering lately. My gradients are banding strangely when they should be smooth. I have to show it in a picture rather than screen shots because in screenshots the problem goes away. I don't know if this is a Mac issue or an Affinity problem.
  20. thanks! that seems wrong to me too. Thanks for finding that.
  21. I'm using Affinity Designer and Publisher 1.9x on the Mac and I cannot get the spell check window to come up on the screen at all. It works fine with the red squigle and that can turn on and off but the window will not come up. Am I missing something?
  22. I agree with you, but that's not what I'm asking. I would like to be able to have a text frame selected and from the keyboard, WITHOUT having to move the mouse to the column field and click, change the number of columns.
  23. I would like to request a keyboard modifier option to increase/decrease the number of columns of a text frame by holding down Option+up or down arrow. This would allow faster pace of working instead of having to go up and click each time to change the number of columns. thanks!
  24. that would work, but as we are creating the pages, the columns will change with the content and placement. I'll put in a request with Serif.
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