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  1. +1 Right now I have to take a screenshot of a layer effect, and then copy them manually to a new layer. Really need this feature.
  2. This just started happening recently... within the last 2 versions. Whenever I crop an image and save it out, the aspect ratio is screwed up. See pics below... I have cropped an image, selected "selection without background" and then the final result has a skewed aspect ratio.
  3. Hey, yes... A vertical flip fixes it fine. I just thought I would report it. It's not a big issue obviously :) And to your second question, old habits die hard. A lot of times I don't do any editing or annotating on the screens I take (I already use the Windows OneNote screen clip for easy hotkey to clipboard and paste to paint). So in previous years before Affinity Designer was out for windows... it was fastest to screenclip > paste to paint > and just save to file. Just need to abandon paint altogether haha. Thanks guys!
  4. This has been a problem for some time now, not a huge thing, but thought I would let someone know. In Windows 10, if you have something in "Paint" and copy it to your clipboard... and then in Affinity Designer say "New from clipboard." It results in a mirrored image which is impossible to fix. Pasting from clipboard directly into Affinity Designer obviously works fine. This only occurs when you go from Paint > Affinity Designer. I have attached a screenshot. I am a full-time writer and blogger and take probably 60+ screenshots a day. So I am constantly bouncing between Paint and Affinity Designer. Would be nice to eventually get this fixed. Thanks!
  5. Brian Jackson

    Export previews

    I agree... I really do need this feature. Love the file size calculation in real-time but no way to see if you are saving out JPGs for website what the quality will be until afterward. Finding myself going back in and having to re-save out again.

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