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  1. Hey, I've noticed that when I've been swapping tools using shortcuts in Affinity Photo, the single letter can do multiple things, leading to a cognitive burden as you need to always remember which tool you're on instead of just blindly hitting the key (which makes usability, for me, worse), otherwise the shortcut will do something other than intended based on current context. I know it doesn't sound bad, but I've been constantly pressing "M" for marquee and accidentally changing the marquee type instead of just re-selecting the previous marquee tool (since I was doing some layer moving and fo
  2. Hey, Not sure if this is just a MacBook Pro issue, or it affects other trackpads as well, but when using Affinity Photo for Windows on a MacBook Pro (under windows using bootcamp) the Space to pan doesn't seem to work. It shows the hand icon like it should work, but it doesn't move. If I select the hand tool and do the same thing, it's fine. Likewise if I use Space to pan with a mouse, it works as expected. Oh, and I'm on the release version of Affinity Photo ( Cheers, Mark
  3. Hey, So in Photoshop you can Ctrl click a layer and use either Alt, Shift, and Alt+Shift (on Windows) to allow the subtracting, adding or selecting the intersection of the current selection. This is really handy for creating masks and composite shapes. I know in Affinity Photo that you can Ctrl click a layer to select the opaque area, but using the keyboard modifiers doesn't seem to do anything else. Is there another way to do what I do in Photoshop in Affinity Photo? Cheers, Mark
  4. Hey, Not sure if this is a bug, or just a feature that isn't present, but the Color Chooser doesn't remember the last chooser type that you used. So if I last used the Saturation type, the next time I open it, it defaults back to Hue. Cheers, Mark
  5. That's ok. But it still takes many more clicks (keyboard or mouse) just to do a simple fill using the foreground colour... A one button shortcut which just fills with the foreground colour (and another for background) reduces the friction and makes it quick and easy to do masking work... At the moment this is one thing that would possible prevent me from buying Affinity Photo for Windows once it exits beta (yes it might sound petty, but a few extra clicks over the many, many fill operations starts getting really annoying, especially when it wasn't before moving to Affinity Photo).
  6. Hey, So I just bought Affinity Designer for Windows, and noticed when importing some of my old Illustrator files, that Affinity doesn't import the vector objects that exist outside the page area set in the Illustrator file (I usually place work in progress objects outside the page bounds)... I was wondering, how hard it would be to enable support for importing these out of bounds objects? If Affinity Designer doesn't support off page objects, maybe add a check box on the open window which ignores the original documents page dimensions and sets it to all the available content, not just what's
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