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    SVG export to Silhouette Designer Software is not proportional

    Sorry for the late response. I missed a notification on my topic. It now imports proportionally. Thank You. One small issue is still out there. It doesn't seem to import to Silhouette at the exact size as it is in Affinity Designer. Easier workaround here than when non proportional. Thanks Again, Bill
  2. Hello! I recently purchased AD Designer for my Mac to design & use SVGs in both my vinyl cutting machine and a soon to be delivered laser engraver/cutter. I'd like to create the files and be able to use them interchangeably in the laser and Silhouette Cameo Designer Edition software for my vinyl and paper cutting. When saved as an AD SVG and imported or opened in the Silhouette software, the file usually opens with square proportions, no matter what the original proportions of the SVG file is. The attached PDF shows some examples. The first row does not involve AD and both the original SVG doc from the web and one opened in Inkscape and exported from their software. Both retained proportions correctly. The second row are SVGs created in AD - created with different settings. The first is a whole document export (the workspace of the SVG I opened was tall and narrow). This is a case where it did not open as a square, but proportions are way off The second now was an export of only the single graphic selected. Even though the graphic is taller than it is wide, it opened as a square and is also stretched. Here's a potential work around, but I'f like to avoid having to do this to all docs created in AD. I drew a square box around the graphic and exported the image and the box without background. Because the export was square, it seemed to import to the Silhouette software OK. Am I missing any settings for export that could help preserve the proportions when importing into this software? Would love it if I just have to tweak some settings to get the proper importing. Since other SVGs import OK (the source SVG and one created in Inkscape), There must be something different in the way I'm creating the AD SVG. Thanks, Bill Silhouette Studio SVG Export Issue.pdf