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  1. Bug / Bad application design: Traditionally in most Windows applications, pressing the Alt key will activate the menu controls on top of the window. This is extremely undesirable when you have tools that depend on the Alt key for their functions. Any short key press of this key or color picking will override the current tool and put the focus on the menus. How to reproduce: 1) Select the Brush tool 2) Press or Hold Alt (and color pick or don't) 3) You can no longer do anything with the tool until you click once on the canvas or press Escape
  2. Bug: When one attempts to select multiple layers and then use the move/transform tool to resize and move the layers, Affinity Photo will frequently (not always) freeze and stop responding permanently. Application has to be terminated. How to reproduce: 1) Add several layers on top of each other 2) Select all of them 3) Use Move/Transform tool to resize/move all the layers 4) Do it until the application freezes (happens to me in about 10 seconds or less) Details: Machine: Windows 10 64bit Home, 16Gb RAM, Geforce GTX 1650 Super, Wacom Intuos4 In my case I've used 4096*4096px texture image files and smaller Bug happens both with tablet and with mouse Bug does not happen when one layer is selected
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