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  1. I've been using DrawPlus, in various incarnations, for many years and was looking forward to Affinity. There are certainly some good things and I can't claim to have become an expert, but I am also disappointed at the features which have disappeared - unless I'm looking in the wrong place. So far, I'm missing the Blend, Envelope and 3D tools. Luckily, I still have DrawPlus: so I can access them there, but is there a way to transfer files from DrawPlus to Affinity, other than exporting as png and placing in Affinity? I can see that it's maybe unreasonable to expect DrawPlus to read Affinity files, but the other way round is a big miss. Given time, I may find the pixel editing useful, but for the last 15 years or so I've been reasonably happy importing / exporting between DrawPlus and PhotoPlus! The Corner tool may well prove handy. When there was all the hype and publicity about the Affinity series, it would have been good if the loss of these facilities was mentioned at the same time! So, at the moment the jury is still out! Doug
  2. Hi I need to be able to use Affinity on both my desktop and laptop. Both run Windows (7 and 10). Do I need to buy two separate copies or can I install on both machines? Or? Doug
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