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  1. HenriTB

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Ok ... This is something I do not understand as it seems to be a solid feature to add . Everyday I am making catalog and promotional booklet for supermarkets and retail shops. I can' imaging, on a daily basis, filling one by one every text block and pictures . With Indesign I just have my master pages link to an xl file with text and path to the images, click "merge" , tweak here and there the layout, assemble the booklet,then done ! Customers are happy and I am getting paid, so i am happy too ... except Adobe is taking part of it every month, like if Freelancers did not had enough taxes in France. Auto feeding pages would definitely be an attractive feature . The one in Indesign is far from ideal and it is necessary to install the EasyCatalog plugin which is far from being cheap. I am seriously thinking of using an ill...#cought#..gal version. please help me to stay an honest infographist. ... no pressure. Anyway I already drop AI and PS for Affinity Designer and Photo, can't wait to have a look at Publisher.
  2. HenriTB

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Hi, Will Publisher have features such as "data merging" in Indesign or some tools similar to Easy-catalogue ? Silly but those would be a big reason for me to buy Publisher. BR Henri
  3. HenriTB

    Crash on pen tool

    Thanks for your answer. How do you join the dump the file? Edit: I erased the commands.xml file and it worked.
  4. HenriTB

    Crash on pen tool

    Hi, I have the exact same issue after installing the last update and some plugins. I try to uninstall/reinstall but the problem still there.

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