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  1. I tried to select an area and copy it to a new layer in Photo. However what ends up getting copied is an area to the right of the selection with the same shape as the selection. How can get this to work properly?
  2. It turned out that I needed to rasterise the layer which I had copied and pasted from a web page.
  3. I tried to select an area of a layer using the marquee tool. Then I copied it and pasted it, but what ended up getting pasted was the whole layer, rather than just the selection. How do I get this to work properly?
  4. Thanks for your answer. I see what was happening now. When the Windows file dialogue offered me "Affinity files" as the only option, I took that to mean that it wanted to save in afphoto format, when in fact this meant that it was going to save in jpeg format just as I wanted. I had simply misunderstood the wording in the dialogue.
  5. Is export crippled on the Photo Windows beta? I just want to check that that is indeed the problem and not something else before I spend my money on the proper version. What is happening is that I go through the export dialogue, but when the save dialogue comes up, Affinity is the only file format offered.
  6. It turns out this question has already been answered. I posted it before but didn't get notification of a reply, so I assumed that no one had replied. Sorry about the double posting. The answer is to drag the adjustment layer onto the layer that you want to apply it to. Then it will only apply to that layer.
  7. Is it possible to apply an adjustment to a layer without having the adjustment apply to the layers beneath? For instance I often create cutouts as part of my composite images and want to adjust their hue, contrast, etc., but I don't want the adjustments applied to the background below. In Photoshop this is the standard behaviour. How can I achieve this in Photo?
  8. I want to adjust the hue, saturation etc for just one layer in a composition in Photo. Is this possible?
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