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  1. This bug exists since AP for Ipad was invented, unfortunately its on (my) AP for Mac now, as well. I use the DAUB Watercolor brushes a lot, as soon as I mark a selection, the watercolor-structer disappears. I know, other illustrators have that same problem, at least on IPad. I really hope you guys from Serif will solve this problem, because I can not use Affinity at all for my work like this. I returned to use Photoshop which I originally wanted to quit. Please :-)
  2. Hi, I had this problem already with the affinity photo version for I-pad, now it appears on the newest version Mac high Sierra as well (didn't befor with older version of AP): The brush structure of DAUB Aquarell (watercolor) brush varies from drawing within a selection to drawing without selection. Within selection the area is much darker and homogenic, without selection I get the watercolorstructure I like. But I do need drawing within selections most of the times. The brush-settings are always the same. The size of the file has no influence, at all. I would be very very glad for any help. Tank you!
  3. I found out, it is the selection tool causing the homogenous area. But I haven't found out, yet, which settings cause that and how to change it to draw properly within the selected area. Thanks a lot for help.
  4. I found out :-) The original file I deleted, but it happenes every time. So here is a new file. workflow.afphoto
  5. Hi, I am using DAUB Watercolor brushes with Affinity Photo on I-Pad Pro. The watercolor-structure is great, as you can see in this picture in the trees and the wolves. But after I made a selection with the selection-tool the structure somehow disappeared. On the ground in this picture you can see, that its just a monotone area, no watercolor-structe as before. And the color is even much darker. I didn't change any setting. Just switched between tools and am not able to use it anymore. Thank you for any help how to get the structure back into the brush! Stefani
  6. Thank you for your answer. Sorry, I haven´t seen it for so long.
  7. Hello Chris, I am sorry, I haven´t seen this reply for so so long. I add a photo of the lines with the little straight line right in the beginning and hope to hear from you :-) It only happens with small curves, but those I do need quite often. By now I found out, that the line becomes accurate as long as I touch the tablet with the wacom pen BEFORE I start drawing the line. As soon as I am in my work-flow, using different pen-pressure to draw the lines, the pen needs to come down to the tablet while moving. Then the straight line in the beginning arises. I hope to have explained this so one can understand it :-/ PS - On the I-Pad it doesn´t happen. But still the transition from a thin to thick line isn´t very fluent. Either on Mac and I-Pad.
  8. Hello, when I draw with a brush (size e.g. 12 px) very small round lines in AP they dont appear accurate. The cursor stutters and the line is edgy or doesnt even appear. It happens with Wacom tablet and mouse as well. Do you know this problem? Can I change anything in the settings or is it a bug? Thank you!
  9. Hello, every time I re-open a file, the (Painting-) Brush-Size resets to 64 px. Is ist somehow possible to keep the brush-size as it was when closing and re-opening a file? I checked in settings etc but couldnt find anything. Thanks for any help and thanks for this really great alternative to photoshop!!! Stefani
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