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  1. Did I miss an update for photo and designer guys? I didn't see any recent ones..
  2. Hey MEB - It worked! Thank you for all your help!!! :D
  3. Thanks MEB. I just uploaded it. It's still having the same problems. When I try to export the selected artboards it doesn't export the PSDs and PDFs I'm trying to export and Affinity freezes right after and I have to force quit every single time. I did upload the file. Please left me know if there's anything else you need from me. Thanks again MEB. * It just froze again right now as I tried to export and when I change the artboard name as you'll see in the screenshot here it still says "Artboard 1" on the artboard for some reason. The software is really acting weird. I thought it's my Mac but I use other design software and there's no problem there. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1rw3d6kh0f9a0o/Screen%20Shot%202016-12-05%20at%204.34.44%20PM.png?dl=0
  4. I posted earlier but forgot to mention this part. Aside from AD not exporting PDFs or PSDs. It also freezes when I try to export them. It becomes non-responsive at all. As you can see in the screenshot below, even if I select all the artboards, it'll only stay on the two artboards that I tried to export (which doesn't export), it freezes from here. Any helpful tips or solution from anyone would be nice. Thanks.
  5. Hi guys - AD is not exporting PSDs and PDFs...not sure why this is. It's really buggy. Any ideas?
  6. It's me again. So the second issue was my fault. My bad guys/gals :D, I think I did something by accident b/c I reset it to default setting and there's no more jagged edges on stokes. Case closed on that one, but I am still having the disappearing line issue tho..
  7. Hi Affinity Team - I noticed Affinity Designer has been a little buggy since the last 1.5 update. Anybody else out there having these two issues? 1.) When I draw a line and zoom out a little the line disappear and when I zoom back in a little it comes back. It didn't do this before. Any ideas? The first two attachment below are the example of what I'm talking about. 2.) I notice now when I draw circles with strokes the stokes looks jagged and pixelated. The exports are even worse. The next three attachment below shows examples. Thanks guys. Marc
  8. I was just about to post the same question. Thank you guys:)
  9. I definitely will check that out and will add it on there if it's not there already. I would pay whatever Affinity would charge to have a prototyping app/feature or however the team wants to do it. I think it's an essential part of a UI/UX software to have an app that is supported by a prototyping app. But I also think it's even better to have an animation/prototyping app similar to Principle for Mac or InVision's Motion that's coming very soon. Since the industry itself is moving on to more dynamic interactions I would highly recommend this. Thanks Callum! And sorin, I'll be watching this unfold like an eagle too :)
  10. Hey Affinity team - Since Affinity Designer is getting more into UI/UX, I wanted to ask if you have any plans on possibly making a prototype persona or something along these lines for rapid prototyping and animations. Right now, my workflow goes something like this: All heavy graphic design work is done in Affinity Designer and all the UI/UX work in Sketch and prototype in InVision or Principle for Mac for more complex animations/transitions. I would love to be able to just prototype and create animated transitions straight out of AD. Just wondering if this is something that would be possible in AD and if so would it be in the road-map anytime soon. It's obvious Affinity Designer can do a lot more than UI software like Sketch, but I think having a prototype/motion feature would put this app ahead of the competition for UI/UX. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks! Marc
  11. Thank you MikeW. I got it to work - somehow! :) The printer accepted it, but I still don't understand why it was doing that. The size of the banner was 39in_3.3ft x 6.6ft and was designed at 300 DPI and scaled up to 800 DPI, but whenever I export it as a PDF at 800 DPI, when I open the PDF it's only 600 DPI - any ideas why this was happening?
  12. Hi ya'll, I'm trying to send a large PDF roll-up banner to the printer and the requirement of the file is at least 800 DPI, but when I export it as PDF at 800 DPI and I open it back up in Affinity to review if it saved - it only gets saved at 600 DPI, so the printer keeps rejecting it. Is there a way I can save my PDF at 800 DPI and have it stay that way? Thanks, Marc
  13. Hey guys - I wanted to know how to do perspective in AD so I can keep it vector. Any quick and dirty tricks will be much appreciated. Here's a screenshot of what I'm trying to do. Thanks, Marc
  14. Thanks everyone for your help, I really appreciate it. Works great in AP, got the job done. :) Sorry to keep this thread going a little longer, but I ran into another thing I'm trying to do. I know Text on Path works great in AD, but is there a feature to warp the text into something similar to this Tapout logo? Or maybe even a work-around if the feature doesn't exist yet. Thanks,
  15. Hey Guys, Just wanted to ask if there's a Perspective/Skew distortions in AD. I have a couple of shapes I'm trying to warp a little and having some trouble doing it without the Perspective/Skew/Warp feature. Or do I have to do this part in Affinity Photo. Thanks, Marc