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    TechniSmart reacted to Seneca in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    You must be kidding.
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    TechniSmart got a reaction from DonaldTub in How Do I Get My Free Grade Ui Pack With Affinity Designer?   
    Hi, I bought AD over the weekend and can't seem to find how I get the https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/free-ui-kit/
    Can anyone assist.
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    TechniSmart got a reaction from DonaldTub in How Do I Get My Free Grade Ui Pack With Affinity Designer?   
    Hi, I bought AD over the weekend and can't seem to find how I get the https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/free-ui-kit/
    Can anyone assist.
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    TechniSmart got a reaction from DonaldTub in How Do I Get My Free Grade Ui Pack With Affinity Designer?   
    Hi, I bought AD over the weekend and can't seem to find how I get the https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/free-ui-kit/
    Can anyone assist.
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    TechniSmart got a reaction from Frank Jonen in Warp needs work   
    I can confirm this.
    The mesh warp tool locked up on me once I had a lot of nodes and hit apply.
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    TechniSmart reacted to Oval in Affinity Publisher   
    If we can’t get APu, we have to stroke a cat a day to death.   ;)
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    TechniSmart reacted to Michael Lloyd in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    I am an American living in Southern California and my wife is from China. We send packages to China periodically. I too have had many reliability issues delivering to China. This is an internal problem in that country.
    I have learned Federal Express can deliver to China reliably. Since using them I haven't experienced a single problem getting a package to it's destination. Federal Express does not depend on Chinese services for final delivery as is the case with other delivery services. Federal Express may also prove useful for delivering to other, more difficult-to-deliver-to countries. ~ Hope this helps.
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    TechniSmart reacted to Rosie in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    I got my AD book 2 days ago. It's worth starting from the beginning of the book if like me you are a novice at design.
    Core skills in Chapter 2 is very interesting which is where I am now.
    Highly recommended. :) 
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    TechniSmart reacted to LCamachoDesign in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    I've purchased this book (english version) on the 28th and I've yet to receive any email telling me that it shipped. The store page says the order is Pending. Do you guys have any information if I has shipped or not?
    EDIT: Nevermind, I've just received an email letting me know the book has been shipped.
    EDIT 2: And I've already received the book! That was REALLY fast shipping!
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    TechniSmart got a reaction from Alfred in What tablet do I use   
    You make a good point Alfred.
    In the interests of transparency I will do it your way.
    So, what do you think of the tablet? It reaches me Monday, as everything comes here in container ships.
    Do you have any experience with the nibs?
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    TechniSmart reacted to Alfred in What tablet do I use   
    Did you have a particular reason for using a shortened URL for your link, Michael? Many users are wary of such things, and since only the word "Wacom" is displayed in your post it doesn't really matter how long the full URL is.
    Wacom Intuos Pro 5 Touch Tablet with Charger & Pen (Wireless)
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    TechniSmart reacted to Grigio18 in Affinity photo invoice   
    thank you!
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    TechniSmart got a reaction from Grigio18 in Affinity photo invoice   
    I sent an email to affinityorders@serif.com and they sorted it.
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    TechniSmart reacted to Angie Taylor in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi, I'm Angie Taylor.
    I'm a motion graphic designer who has been working with Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects for over 20 years. I am increasingly frustrated with Adobe software and their subscription model so have been looking for an alternative for a long time. I love Affinity Designer, it's so intuitive, fast and responsive. However there are a few ommissions that make it difficult for me to create the style I use in Affinity Designer.
    Here's an example where I show how I work;
    Here's an example that shows the basics of these tools;
    I use a combination of the Blob Brush tool and the Eraser tool in AI to "sculpt"my vector shapes. It gives the artwork a hand-drawn effect and it's a really creative way to work. Are there any plans to introduce these tools in Affinity Designer? I also use the Reshape tools and Symbol tools a lot and wonder is these are on the planned schedule at all?
    Thanks for creating some great software!
    All the best, 
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    TechniSmart reacted to Bri-Toon in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi Angie, and welcome to the forums.
    I agree with your suggestions. With the new updates on it's way, I think the vector eraser tool is one of the only things left I desire. That, and something similar to Live Paint. There has been a mention that a vector eraser is on the roadmap, but it is not listed on the Roadmap topic, so I don't know when it will arrive. The other features on the topic will come as free updates some time before version 2. I don't know if there has been discussion on a tool like the Blob Brush Tool though.
    Also, I'm sure you won't mind that I have a cartoon character named Angie.
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    TechniSmart reacted to gabytas in Introduce Yourself   
    HI! My name Gabriel from Victoria, BC, Canada......I am a professional photographer who lives in the country surrounded by huge trees.....I have a wolf for pet.....
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    TechniSmart reacted to SrPx in What tablet do I use   
    That Ugee you bought though, I had seen the infos a while ago. Has a great advantage: Size for that price. I just don't know how good it is in serious usage, how accurate, etc. And of course, I do know how many  years a Wacom lasts,  but no idea about other brands.
    I'd keep that Ugee despite the buttons location, technismart.

    The side controls are not  that key if you have your keyboard in the side where you would have those buttons, and just asign hotkeys to those functions. Anyway, any heavy usage in graphic work will need constantly the keyboard. IMO is not true those can totally replace the keyboard. Look, I ONLY use the ring, and just for brush size change (fine tunned the step increment to make it functional). BUT, I could totally do that as well with the hand holding the pen, in the other side, probably faster. never used the ring for zoom other than to try it, as I'm fully fine to rotate with my Logitech mouse's wheel  and panning by mid click-drag. (i use that utility that allows me to force panning and zooming so in every application I use, no matter what.) This setup:  keyboard on my left side (change left-> right in your case in this paragraph), left hand always over it constantly hitting ky shortcuts. A Wacom Intuos small in the middle (but was way less accurate than medium size), and the right of it, my standard mouse. Just switching as needed right hand from pen and mouse (becomes a mechanic thing, your mind wont even notice after a little while...) , and left hand hitting the shortcuts as needed. Mates, colleagues, would say i worked as a car production chain robot with it, so , I even know from external viewers that it's functional ! :) . I produced all 2D retouch and drawings during 8 months with just that. (was the one and only 2D guy there). And it was a commercial large game, just not a huge production. Later on, similar workflow but then it was my old Intuos 1 A4 which was in the middle, another company.  And a bit later, 11 years ago the one in the middle was a graphire or the one previous to that, but a small size, too. Today it's an XL of 65 cm wide, at home as a freelancer, and still same work flow --> keyboard in left side, large swimming pool of a tablet in the middle, logitech (hey, they are really sturdy, those) cheapo standard wired optical (no wireless, no laser, thank you) mouse on the right. Just doing the same than with the others, just a lot more chances of inking being productive.
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    TechniSmart reacted to SrPx in What tablet do I use   
    Hello, Michael. Sorry, my bad. I saw the post duplicated, and these days in every community there is a lot of spam, so one might be in "over alert" about that.
    I had yep, replied about it, in the middle of a thread, you asked for it in a thread where the subject was related. I took my time to look at it and specs, and let you know, in summary, that it was a good purchase specially for one matter: It's a big size for that price, and big tablets tend to allow more line art work. The Amazon price was really good.
    With good line stabilization ( Krita, Sai, Manga Studio (Clip Paint), and Nezumi have offered this for a while, and (YAY) we are getting it in both AP and AD for 1.6. I'm eager to test it !  ) a small tablet can do the deal very well. Still, I keep my best recommendation about any piece of hardware ever: When possible, get a medium size. Intuos or Intuos Pro, but at least medium (once you are eager for an upgrade).  I'm heading for the Large (L) model, paper edition, but drawing and illustration is my job, so to say. I was heading to a diverse graphic freelancer (as says my sig) making use of all my profiles, but in the end built a good personal network, so it's all illustration now, hence my interest in brush features and improvements, here. 

    Yep, the software bundled is a thing to quite consider. Artists doing 3D work would be amazingly crazy not to purchase the Wacom's 3D Intuos (comes with a reduced Zbrush-ish software, very useful), even if it were a small size (can't remember) , for texturing small is perfect. Is for steady line, outlines, etc, when the size is more decisive. For photo retouch, painting-only (like an oil painter) it is not so critical. Still, once you use a medium tablet, you never want to go back to smal... From my XL though, yep, I'll go back to Large, IMO the sweet spot for illustrators.

    A wacom refurbished is IMO potentially a better chance than a first hand alternative. Like if I'd sell now my XL, is totally perfect after many years -I'm very careful and draw with very subtle pressure-  , so I can understand it is indeed a good purchase. Wacom makes deluxe pieces, very durable (unless you are of the type that paints with a lot of pressure, if so it can last one week ) . Specially if is an Amazon verified product, and a certified refurbished. In these cases, important to see how is the USB port (if it's wrecked in some way), and even more, how is the cable in the connection with the tablet, if is an usb cable fixed -like my Intuos 4 XL. If that breaks, That's it-  . Also if are there any bumps or scratches -noticeable when the pen goes over them, at least. How are the nibs , and if really the support is having inside it at least sufficient nibs (better: All which the product info says it must have, in the Amazon page. )

    Yeah, drawing with a small tablet in a 27"...IMO not the best fit... Is doable, but... For photo retouching, it doesn't matter.  Even so: It can be very interesting to try the Small with AP or AD 1.6 with "line smoothing" on....It might do the deal.  :)
    I don't know if your model will have all sort of nibs, but if you can, use the softer one: Best for the tablet durability. The nib can wear, no worries, is way way cheaper than a new tablet, and 5 nibs can work -for me- for decades....

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    TechniSmart reacted to Alfred in Inking technique (a bit old) used in other applications, ported to AD   
    If you're a keyboard shortcuts person like me, you can convert to curves by pressing Ctrl+Enter on Windows (or Cmd+Return on a Mac).
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    TechniSmart reacted to SrPx in What tablet do I use   
    I had answered you in depth already about that tablet.... You made many posts about it (you got one closed).... In different times..... Are you just spamming about that tablet ? (if so, not doing any favor to the brand and product )
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    TechniSmart reacted to SrPx in What tablet do I use   
    So, yeah, keep that Ugee. Is a very nice size at a great price. AND... I'd be grateful if you post any issues, or breakage, as is indeed a GOOD purchase. You can compensate fully the functions location with a good use and positioning of your keyboard, trust me ! :)
    The main thing is, bigger sizes allow more accurate lines. That should be a more important factor of the purchase, except for photographers only using it for retouch and application handling. (a small, imo, not a tool for a comic inker or line art based illustrator)
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    TechniSmart reacted to SrPx in What tablet do I use   
    I'm right hand, but I believe all Wacom Intuos are prepared for both hands (I believe you can rotate them and work with it as you exactly need). Not all tablets brands do this. Wacom allows it since very long .
    Specially at the low end, I entirely recommend wacom. Is not that big money for the hobby you love.  (Intuos Draw, as is cheaper, medium size if it is for illustration or comic, small is fine for just photo retouch... the golden purchase.). IMO, a different brand can be more sensible in the case of cintiqs (due to the super high price)
    Now I'm totally sold on the new paper edition version. It's amazing, seen it working. Great accuracy. You can ink over paper OR use it as a regular intuos pro, both things.  I believe is a dream come true for those of us who need to ink line art from time to time.  (or for every day inkers in comics' world). But that one is an expensive Intuos Pro (500+ bucks.)  The one I recommend in the low end is just the non pro intuos. I was ready for a cintiq alternative, but in the end, i paint easy -digital painting- with my intuos pro, it was only for line art accuracy in inking. Seems the gap is solved with this new product. Plus, the wacom pen's vrsion 2 is extremely better : 8k pressure levels, clearly more accurate to your actual hand movement, much improved in many areas. Itself would have worth for me the upgrade. (it will, pretty soon)
    Probably there's a chinese alternative (XP Pen, Yiynova or Huion) in non screen-tablets, super cheap small tablets, providing both hands usage, but can be a bit of a gamble. Seriously, while IMO makes no sense to put 3k on a Cintiq 27, some 100 bucks or 70 in Amazon, make real sense for such a quality hardware as an Intuos (medium or small depending on planned usage). If gonna be your work horse, my advice, go with Wacom...
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    TechniSmart reacted to R C-R in Pressure sensitivity avaliable using the Pen tool?   
    Like reglico mentioned, the Pen tool creates nodes that are connect by path segments. It would not matter how firmly you pressed when creating one -- a node has no thickness, just up to two control handles that control the contour of the path that runs through it.
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    TechniSmart reacted to elbingo in Graphics tablets   
    An update.... I have since reinstalled the full bamboo and again reinstalled the most recent update.
    Things now seem to be working well again.
    Fingers crossed.
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    TechniSmart reacted to Lunalight in Tablet Recommendation for Novice   
    I recommend to buy a used Wacom Model Intuos series.I own a Intuos 4 L since 2012 never want my old Graphire 4 M back,but overall wacom are the best.Fairly i have to say iam Digital Painter,Illustrator,Photographer and do everything creative on this.Its much more than a hobby.