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  1. Advanced Retouching made easy. - Frequency Separation in Affinity for iPad https://youtu.be/s7CVz77gR64
  2. Affinity for iPad Background Removal - Masking Tutorial https://youtu.be/drsDpHkdeN8
  3. I noticed today when I went to "place" a transparent png file onto a layer it was brought in with a white background, however if i copied the same image from photos and pasted it to the layer it comes in transparent. Not sure if this is already a known issue... just figured i'd post it here.
  4. Create a handheld LCD Retro Game using both Vector Draw and Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer. https://youtu.be/_uyYYZnjSdw
  5. A review and speed draw of Logan. * NO SPOILERS * I talk about the Old Man Logan comic vs the new Logan Movie while speed drawing Logan himself and showing how to value paint in Affinity Designer. https://youtu.be/UzZ6iMmlkgE
  6. Affinity Blood Brush and Masking Tutorial +Free Brushes https://youtu.be/9io-LhTA670 A video showing how to make a simple vector object and then using a free blood brush set provided at http://vectorart.club/news/affinity-designer-blood-brush-masking-tutorial-free-brushes/go into the pixel persona and grunge the logo up quite a bit.
  7. https://youtu.be/oPXGLr95nN8 A video showing the workflow in Affinity Designer 1.5. Starting out in pixel persona and sketching, then moving over to the draw persona to do vector inking and coloring and then back to pixel persona for final rendering. This process works for any design process from character design to logo design. This is an Affinity Designer exclusive workflow, you can't do this in Adobe Illustrator.
  8. ok. ya really need a skew/ warp option in AD. It's the one thing that I got my fingers crossed for in 1.6
  9. On the latest video Affinity Designer 1.5 overview at the 49 second mark it shows an iPhone in a hand and the curves layer has what looks like a perspective filter on it. Where is that at? How do I accomplish that perspective warp being shown in that section of the video? https://youtu.be/M2CLmakKPj4
  10. Did a quick tutorial showing how to set up and mask a pixel persona layer over your vector object. https://youtu.be/PQkr7J12mbQ
  11. Did a speed draw of a comic panel vectorization. Hulk vs Dr. Strange, also check out my web site: http://vectorart.club for my other Affinity Designer Tutorials. https://youtu.be/SlWuyYUqHXs
  12. This is my second Affinity Designer tutorial. It's a 2 part tutorial that creates Tony Stark's Iron Man Arc Reactor. Shot in realtime with a 1h 50 min combined length. Part 1 : https://youtu.be/SovgMbi1cM0 Part 2 : https://youtu.be/b0CxMLhRQT0
  13. This is my first Affinity Designer tutorial. It creates a Captain America Shield using both vector and pixel personas. It's recorded in realtime and about 50 min long. https://youtu.be/zTXW8Ku8rqU