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  1. Hey Mark, Thanks for your answer! I don't know what's happening... It's like as my graphic card doesn't work on affinity. I updated windows and the drivers. Next week I'll try reinstall geforce driver to see if go back to normal. Thanks so much Mark. Have great weekend. Cheers.
  2. Hey Mark, how are you. I don't know what's happening with my computer. I downgrade to 1.6.5 version and have the same problem now. Maybe some config in my graphic card? In my laptop that is fullhd doesn't have this problem, only in my computer that's 4k. Bellow the file that I show in this video. It's a simple file, two artboards with one image each one. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgTl81vpTGX3hv0zYtHuyKNF4cIoIg?e=8g8Pxn Cheers
  3. Hey guys, how are you? I updated yesterday and after it, the affinity performance was not good in my computer. Computer specs: i7 2600 + 16gb ram + Geforce 970 See the video attached, what is happening. Before this update all was good in performance terms. Affinity_Designer_2019-06-06_12-00-45.mp4
  4. erjart

    Problems with the zoom shortcut

    Hi Sean. I migrated from photoshop to affinity and in photoshop the both ways work zoom tool. Your right, the logic is right, but I think for the UX the both ways I think that is better. Thanks for the answer. ;)
  5. Hey guys, how are you? I'm working with affinity after I participated the beta and it's amazing experience. Great work ;) But sometimes I try do zoom with the shortcut ctrl+space and doesn't work. If you click first in ctrl (this is my case ^^) before space the shortcut doesn't work and in my mind is automatic. Thanks guys.

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