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    Just voted for AFD
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    artphotopro got a reaction from Chris B in symbol objects mask/crop lost/moved   
    Hello Chris,
    Thank you for the info, I have checked the edited file you were kind enough too send back, It seems the best solution is too not use symbols on anything that requires masks/crops or large patterns, I understand Affinity Designer and Photo are still very early in their version history and we will still encounter problems probably up to version 10-15, this can not be helped, small teams can only do so much. I appreciate all the help you guys offer and how great affinity software is at this early stage, I look forward too seeing the updates/bug fixes/improvements in the future,
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    artphotopro got a reaction from DVan in [By Design] AP Jpeg Export file TOO big   
    Hello sophialiu,
    Thank you for your input, but I think you may have miss read what the problem is currently with the export options in AP, The export for jpeg is exporting images with little compression creating unnecessarily large files with out any information the help section to inform users of this quirk when compared to exporting files from say photoshop, I hope the help section of AP will be updated with jpeg save %'s to explain the benifits and draw backs to using say 85% - 90% - 100% on the quality slider.