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    mesbahworld reacted to PixelAdam in Smart Object & Actions   
    Please add 2 new features, like Photoshop:
    Smart Object Actions Thenks! :)
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    mesbahworld reacted to IPv6 in Warp tool as live filter   
    Please, add new live filter, based on "Warp" tool. The same way as perspective tool has its live filter counterpart
    This will be very helpful for non-destructive editing... and quite unique
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    mesbahworld reacted to MEB in Distort / warp feature affinity designer   
    Thinking outside the box  Glad you find a way to work around it.
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    mesbahworld got a reaction from Petar Petrenko in Distort / warp feature affinity designer   
    Hi MEB,
    You guys are doing great job . Just make sure warp/distort doesn't rasterize placed/linked/embedded images . 
    And looking forward for implementing editable text for PSD export .
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    mesbahworld got a reaction from mykee in Affinity Designer Customer Beta -   
    Thanks for the new version But I have to wait another year for live/non destructive mesh warp, distort & psd editable text export.
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    mesbahworld got a reaction from mykee in Affinity Designer Customer Beta -   
    Thanks for the new version But I have to wait another year for live/non destructive mesh warp, distort & psd editable text export.
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    mesbahworld got a reaction from mykee in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    Yah,,,,I was also expecting this feature . Non destructive Live Mesh Warp & distort tools. and still no psd text support.
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    mesbahworld reacted to mykee in Affinity Photo Customer Beta -   
    Hmmmm... This is a great version, but I missed a few things:
    - Live Mesh Warp Filter for mockups. I wait this function without rasterize.
    - Switch to Publisher and back like as AP to AD and back from File menu. How can we testing crossing compatibility with Publisher? Ex. copied Artistic text from AP to Publisher with clipboard -  not possible now an vica versa.
    - I see filler text option in AP, but I no find where is this text (in Publisher there under Preferences).
    I will testing more  
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    mesbahworld reacted to hexaae in Smart Objects?   
    +1 for Smart Objects PSD import, and extending AP/AD Embedded documents.
    ATM you can't do something like this:

    or to be exact you can't alter the mesh to wrap the object around something and save it as a template to easily add a different image/page every time you need. When you apply Mesh Deformation to an Embedded document in AP it will be converted to plain pixel image.
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    mesbahworld reacted to angelhdz12 in Non-Destructive Warp Tool or Live Filter   
    Non-Destructive Warp Tool or Live Filter.

    Come on, it's 2018!
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    mesbahworld reacted to StarManta in Non-destructive editing/warping?   
    I'm loving Affinity Photo so far, I am looking forward to replacing the pirated PS at home with a legitimate app from a developer I don't hate....
    So far, the first hurdle I've come across with experimenting with Affinity: There doesn't, as far as I can tell, seem to be a way to non-destructively warp text. I've been using Mesh Warp as it's the only tool I see for the job, but an equivalent to a Free Transform would be suitable in order to have feature parity with Photoshop in this area. I do a lot of stuff with text, and being able to distort it non-destructively is a small feature, but a make-or-break one in my book.
    - Create Text, type in whatever.
    - Use the Mesh Warp tool to change it.
    - Text is no longer editable.
    Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting I can choose to make text still editable after deforming it?
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    mesbahworld reacted to 00Ghz in Non-destructive editing/warping?   
    +100 this should come way sooner. Non destructive workflow is a must
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    mesbahworld reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    We will re-release ADe and APh 1.6.5 installers in the next week or so with an installer fix anyone  who has it installed already will not need the new installer but anyone who has not will benefit from the fixes. I will post here when those new installers are released.
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    mesbahworld reacted to Gene R in Perspective projection aspect ratio   
    Affinity Photo seems to use the original image's aspect ratio, no matter what you set the grid to be.
    See attached pictures for an example. Suppose I want to edit a car's license plate, I set up a perspective projection so as to see the plate properly, and it gets stretched to the original image's aspect ratio.
    Since there's no visible way to get the grid to match the source aspect ratio, the projection will always be distorted.

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    mesbahworld reacted to Alfred in HELP: How to create .psd files with text editable in Affinity Photo?   
    You're welcome, shams, but I don't think we should hold our breath waiting for that export option!
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    mesbahworld reacted to shams in HELP: How to create .psd files with text editable in Affinity Photo?   
    Thanks, Alfred. I sure hope the export to PSD with editable text is coming soon. Not sure how I can work with non-Affinity folks without that capacity. 
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    mesbahworld reacted to juliantentori in Distort / warp feature affinity designer   
    Hi MEB,
    Thanks for your answer, I'm in a similar problem, I purchased affinity photo, I'm using embedded documents to put my illustrations to mugs but the mesh warp tool rasterizes the  embedded document, so I cannot change the illustration in real time and that means I have to warp every design tweak I want to visualize.
    Is the a way to warp the embedded document without rasterizing it?
    I'm attaching an image so you can see 

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    mesbahworld reacted to Fatih19 in Integration with Fusion and Resolve   
    I've watch a bunch of Adobe alternatives on YouTube and read the comment section. There is many people who use software from Affinity and Blackmagic Design. 
    Affinity Photo - Photoshop 
    Affinity Designer - Illustrator 
    DaVinci Resolve - Premiere 
    Fusion - After Effects
    After seeing that, I thought "wouldn't
     it be great if they collaborate and make some special integration?" And so, here I am, requesting it in Affinity Forum. With this kind of integration, more people will flock to your software and Bmd software. Beneficial to both companies. 
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    mesbahworld reacted to mykee in AP: add Mesh Wrap as Live filter   
    Yes, I need this, I working with mockups often.
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    mesbahworld reacted to Mets in AP: add Mesh Wrap as Live filter   
    Totally second that.
    For all kinds of mockups, this feature is absolutely essential.
    Things like apparel, packaging or interior design mockups...
    Most of the time you have to use Mesh Wrap on an object for realism.
    But you have to be able to replace an image quickly.
    In Photoshop you have your mockup with necessary filters and especially Mesh wrap applied to a Smart Object. Then you just replace the image inside the smart object and you get instant results. Having Mesh Wrap as live-filter on Embedded documents in AP, would be a game changer.
    It's probably the one missing thing for me to be able to move over completely from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, since I work with mockups every day.
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    mesbahworld reacted to deceptive in Can you provide some google material design layout template/shadow/elevation value   
    I needed the same thing for web mockups, decided to tackle it for myself. The problem between Affinity Designer vs. those tools is that those allow for multiple shadows to be layered onto each other on a single layer, whereas Designer only allows for one outer shadow on each layer.
    I was able to approximate most of the elevation shadows, though a few were too close to others to worry about much (1dp and 2dp for example), seeing as I made this for mock-ups anyway I didn't think that'd be a big problem. They're definitely not the most accurate but can be good for getting a concept out
    Material Shadows.afstyles
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    mesbahworld reacted to B13eL in AD - Perspective grid tool   
    Hello) I would like to know if you are going to make an Perspective grid tool. Yes Affinity Designer has different grid setting but Perspective grid tool makes work more efficient. Thanks for attention
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    mesbahworld reacted to MattP in Craft by invision app   
    We do have prototyping already working behind-the-scenes in the current Designer, but it is disabled while we work through and flesh it out. Hopefully 1.6 will enable this functionality :)
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    mesbahworld reacted to hexaae in AP: add Mesh Wrap as Live filter   
    Please, can you add Mesh Wrap to Live filters? I need it as a live filter for Embedded documents sources manipulation.
    This way it will be easy to replace the image (in the Embedded document) and keep the deformed mesh intact.
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    mesbahworld got a reaction from Hectorenrop in Food Vector Illustration in Affinity Designer (Ruti)   
    See Full HD on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/53718333/Food-Vector-Illustration-(Ruti)    


    animation_60fps_1600x900 MP4_15MB.mp4


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