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  1. Ogma

    AD Freezing

    Hi Sean Thanks for the reply. Simple advertising board. Coloured layer and then dragged on a PDF of the logo and resized. Then added one line of text - attached now Regards Carl PS, only other thing a little odd, on the splash screen on startup, the version number if fuzzy. However, when loaded, and I select about AD - all fine Advertising Board v001.afdesign
  2. Ogma

    AD Freezing

    I have AD 1.6 & OSX 10.13.2 - plenty of spare RAM and disk space Trying to create large file 2440 x 914mm (8x3ft) at 300dpi Can make changes and saves the file but as soon as finished saving, app locks and have to force quit. Any ideas welcome thanks
  3. +1 from me - constantly pressing CMD+0 to get canvas back in middle of the screen after using with Magic Mouse
  4. Ogma

    Cartography Test

    Hi Dave Looks like my issue my end, even LibreOffice struggling with them. Thanks anyway
  5. Ogma

    Cartography Test

    Hi Dave AD is on my Mac at home - will check tonight - thx
  6. Ogma

    Cartography Test

    Thanks Ronnie This will help a great deal - top vid - cheers O
  7. Ogma

    Cartography Test

    Been playing some more...
  8. Ogma

    Cartography Test

    Well spotted Peter It is, thanks
  9. Ogma

    Cartography Test

    don't worry, found it on the forum :rolleyes:
  10. Ogma

    Cartography Test

    Thanks MattP Happy yo take a whirl on the beta. Where can I find it please?
  11. Ogma

    Free PSD Files

    Thanks for sharing - very useful
  12. Just trying out AD... Have been drawing maps for twenty years in FreeHand. As now on OSX 10, no FreeHand :( . Can't get on with Illustrator and hate the idea of paying Adobe every month so thought I would have a play. So attached my first quick draft. Really like AD, very quick to pick up. Somethings that did not jump out at me, a quick look on YouTube and job done. So far, only a couple of items missing that are essential to allow me to migrate fully: Text on a path. Essential for road names going around a curve especially if inside the text is inside the path. Dotted lines - wanted the footpaths to be dotted but no joy. Otherwise looking good and reading the forums, these items are on the roadmap - thanks AD Couple of things notice that are an issue but not deal breakers (unless I missed it): Only single page documents allowed. Fonts, quite a few of my fonts such as Zapf Dingbats, WebDings and FontAwesome not rendering - just getting square text boxes. Anyway - looking good Serif Suitably impressed

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