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  1. Hello, I have an idea regarding users who have purchased an Affinity license for one platform and want to use it on an additional operating system. For example, I have both a macbook and a windows PC. I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer for my macbook, but now I'd also like to use them on my PC. I can't afford to pay another $100 for apps that I've already purchased. Plus, once Publisher comes out as well as the ipad apps, I'll be investing even more money into Affinity. Now, had I just purchased an imac instead of a PC I could have gotten these second copies of Affinity for free because with an itunes account any app you purchase can be downloaded to any device associated with that apple ID. So why should it be different cross platform? Now, I fully understand that there is a lot of software out there that isn't transferable from windows to mac, but it isn't an obsolete idea either. The entire basis of Steam (the game management service) is purchasing one license that can be downloaded to whatever OS it is available for. Plus, wouldn't offering this service add to the innovative system that Affinity is trying to create? My point is, a lot of people, myself included, won't purchase a second copy for a second operating system when I could just walk to that device and use it instead, or get a free screen-mirroring service. So for the sake of the consumers convenience, I think that you should consider making this a possibility. But what about people giving away their "free" copy of affinity for the operating system they don't have? Well to work around that Affinity could offer their purchases/licenses right through their website (rather than using the app store) and you could log into the app with your affinity account to use them. It could be limited to one log in per account at a time. Or possibly a verification of your apple ID, and the email associated with your Microsoft account. Or purchasing a license could simply come with two copies similar to Microsoft Office. There are a multitude of ways to work around the issue. An alternate option would be to offer a discount to those that have already purchased one license. I would be more willing to buy a second copy if it were only say $20 than to pay the full price again. I hope that your team takes this idea into serious consideration! -Kalahgen
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