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  1. I am trying to crop to a specific dimension - say 6 x 4 - When I select that in the presets in the mode menu it opens a crop box with that ratio but as soon as I try to resize it to cover the area I require it becomes free moving and the width and height no longer keep their ratio. How do I prevent this happening? I've just tried all the presets and the ones with the ratio 1:1 5:7 8:10 work OK but those marked - " - pixels - A4 dont constrain the ratio.
  2. I'm working on a Mac Book Pro and when I try to edit a file - RAW or TIFF in Viveza the images shows in the main screen as washed out although the loupe view appears to be correct. In addition to this Affinity is still exporting the original file to NIk rather than the adjusted one so for example if I crop it in Affinity the whole photo appears in Nik - all modules. I do like Affinity Photo but this has been an ongoing problem for months and it seems that Serif have no interest at all in sorting the problem out. I may have to move to On1 or similar. A response from the company would be good but they seem not to be bothered.
  3. Its not nly cropping either. Any adjustments are not taken into Nik. The only way of getting them there is to flatten the image first.
  4. Yes, it is obviously a problem with the interface but it doesn't happen with PS or others software and its not a problem with Colour efex pro or HDR Efex. So I'm just going to have to lump it I suppose. I'll start looking at other software.
  5. I'm having the same problem with my Macbook Pro. Colorefx is OK but washed out coiveza. Seems this is going on for over a year. Aren't Affinity interested?
  6. I am trying to tone map a panorama image made up of 5 images processed through Affinity Photo panorama but when I put it into the tone mapping persona nothing happens. I just see the same image and neither slider affects the image. I can try with individual files and there is no problem. Is it due to file size? Any suggestions welcome
  7. Tried again to load the pano in Tone map and it loaded without problem and I was able to adjust it. Took about a minute. Strange.
  8. Septimus

    Re-entering Develop Persona Resets Values

    Yes I realise I can go back to the origial file and start again but it would be laborious to do so. therefore it seems best to ignore the possible adjustments in Develop and go straight to photo where i have the option to adjust
  9. Just tried saving it first as a jpg and then using that in Tone mapping persona and that works
  10. Septimus

    Re-entering Develop Persona Resets Values

    That does present a problem though doesn't it? If I adjust sharpening in Develop, then go to Photo, make some adjustments and decide that the sharpening is a little too harsh I can't reduce it can I? I have to start all over again. I assume my original RAW file remains as shot or is that baked too?
  11. I reported this bug months ago and had hoped it would be resolved in the latest update but it appears it hasn't. Are there any plans to sort it out? When I crop an image and then export to Nik plugin the whole file exports not just the cropped element which makes using some of the plug ins impossible - vignette for example.
  12. Did you ever get this rrsolved as I still have the problem of too dark images being imported into develop module?
  13. Did you ever resolve this because I have exactly the same problem. I have raised it previously and I know I'm not alone but nothing seems to have been done to fix it
  14. I'm obviously missing something simple here but how do you crop non destructively? Once I have cropped an image and then gone on to the next stage I cannot find a way to go back and remove that crop (or reduce the area cropped) without losing all the intervening work I have done
  15. Thanks for pointing that out Astromax. Lets hope they will correct it soon
  16. This problem has only just started it seems. When I import a Raw file it is very underexposed compared to looking at it in any other software - see attached. You can see the difference in the histogram compared to the in camera version. I'm shooting on an Olympus giving .ORF files All files are the same they appear about a stop to a stop and a half under exposed. I've tried changing the RAW engine to Apple but can see no difference.
  17. I have posted a separate thread here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/34329-problem-importing-raw-file-into-develop-module/ onthis as I'm having the same issue. Do I take it from the above reply of Pauls that this is a known fault and is being dealt with?
  18. Thanks. Still loving the software though!
  19. I have previously written about the fact that when opening an image in Nik it opens the full image rather than accepting the cropping I have done in Affinity but I've now found that with some images it opens with the image as a landscape profile rather than a portrait. Any other software I open it in and its fine, its as it should be - portrait. As with the cropping problem if I Flatten the image (even if I have done nothing to it) then it opens as it should in portrait orientation. Has anyone else come across this problem and is it proposed to solve the previous issue of processing the uncropped image?
  20. Are there plans to add it?
  21. I am trying to add Piccure as a plug in but cannot seem to get Affinity Photo to recognise it. I've added Nik filters and they work well. Does Affinity support this plugin? If so can anyone tell me which search folders and support folders I should be pointing to or indeed how to do it?

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