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  1. Yes indeed, for ISO till 800 just some noise reduction but above nothing at all.Extreme is too extreme to my feeling, and I think it's a bug that when you unclick it, it doesn't remember the slider previous position.
  2. Ok, I shot a 6400 ISO RAW picture on black, lots of noise.Develop Persona doesn't even seem to just reduce a little bit of noise, so I developed the RAW, and I took 2 snapshots, before and after, at 80% zoom.No difference at all :)
  3. Hi, I'm trying the new beta ( in windows 10.The Denoise Live Filter doesn't seem to work at all, I put a video on line where I show what's not working and hope it makes it more clear what I mean. https://youtu.be/u8ofDztWR-k
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