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  1. I arrived at this page because I couldn't make snapping work either. I'm using 1.2.1 (release version) on 10.10.4 (first time I've used AD on 10.10.4). I created a new document, created a rectangle (moved it, resized it) then posted in a large (2928x1749) JPEG. I resized the JPEG to be a similar size to the rectangle and then dragged it to try to align the top-left corners. Nothing. Snapping was 'on' and snapping manager was at default settings. I tried several different settings but dragging the JPEG (front object) produced the coloured edges (red and green) when it was close to the rectangle but releasing the mouse just dropped it where it was. Setting 'Force Pixel Alignment' made no difference. However, unsetting 'Force Pixel Alignment' again made it snap as expected. As I sit here now, snapping is just coloured edges if I turn on pixel alignment and works when I turn it off again. So there's workaround; perhaps somebody has an uninitialised variable? ;) Hope this helps .. I'm off to do some snappy drawing :rolleyes:
  2. I coloured a line (one straight segment drawn with the pen, 1 point wide) with a gradient. On reflection, this was unwise but AD let me do it and correctly reflected it on screen. When I printed the document, my line came out solid black :( . Saving to PDF gives the same result (unsurprising as printing uses PDF and, yes, I remembered later that Postscript doesn't support gradients on a line). I'm happy (very happy) that AD allows gradients on lines but I think it should warn about the loss of features when printing (so, by extension, in PDF exports). I didn't get an error message and don't see it as a warning in the Assistant. The consequences when printing could be significant. A simple example is attached. [Affinity Designer 1.1.2 on MacBook Pro (2.3GHz i7, GT650M 512MB, 8 GB RAM, Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1)] Line Gradient Example.afdesign Line Gradient Example.afdesign
  3. I have a simple drawing (attached), just vectors created entirely in AD. When I copy and paste into other applications I get a variety of strange results. This may be something odd in AD's clipboard content and is certainly inconvenient. Pasting into: Pages 4.3 (my intended destination) sometimes works and sometimes pastes a file name (eg file:///var/folders/h1/djnp3y4j1x5bk3sb9dszfn4c0000gp/T/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Clipboard.svg). Selecting just the ellipse can give different results to selecting all the objects. Pages 5.5.1 (the latest) sometimes does the same as 4.3 and sometimes works correctly whilst also reporting that the clipboard is an unsupported file type! Keynote (latest) just pastes the file name Preview (latest) and iDraw (latest) work fine. I was a little surprised that the clipboard image is SVG but presumably there is some technical advantage from this. As a workaround, assuming that PDF would be a more reliable bet, I exported (and then imported not the target application) a PDF version. This has a bounding box determined by the page size from AD; not a bug but inconvenient if you're creating small inline drawings. So this may be a feature request but I couldn't find an option to export only the drawing's objects (as other vector apps can do). [Affinity Designer 1.1.2 on MacBook Pro (2.3GHz i7, GT650M 512MB, 8 GB RAM, Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1)] Ellipse Diagram.afdesign Ellipse Diagram.afdesign
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