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  1. At the start of your video you already have a gradient applied to the mask layer. Around 11 seconds when you have both the Fill (Gradient) Tool and Mask selected there are no handles available to modify the existing gradient. Instead you click drag a new gradient. So on one hand you can say that the mask is "editable" because you do not need to delete the mask object to create a new one, but on the other hand it is not truly editable since you can't modify what already exists. As an example: create a complex gradient mask with several additional nodes. Deselect the mask. Now try to go back and make a minor adjustment to one of the extra nodes. You can't because the gradient doesn't exist as a vector object any longer. It has been rasterized to pixels, so there are no nodes or handles to adjust. Contrast with a similar gradient applied to a vector object such as a rectangle. Here the nodes and handles remain available for ever.
  2. @DM1 I don't think that is the case with a mask. Masks are not retained as editable / vector objects, but rasterized as soon as you move away from the mask layer.
  3. Is there any chance that something was holding your spacebar down?
  4. @Callum That isn't quite true. Use the hamburger menu top right of the Text Styles panel to Show Hierarchical. You can then use Group Styles to act as folders for your other styles. https://affinity.help/publisher/English.lproj/pages/Text/textStyles_types.html
  5. You can add as many 'mid' points as you like. I'd recommend reading the whole help and watch all the tutorials - they are really pretty good, and you will learn a great deal!
  6. 1.8.2 is now released which fixes many issues with Expand Stroke.
  7. You need to explore Blend Modes in the Layers Panel. https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/Layers/layerBlendModes.html Try playing around to see which mode gives you the result you like. Watch a tutorial… Also, try reading up on the different modes… https://theeagerlearner.com/your-big-friendly-guide-to-layer-blend-modes/
  8. Please take a moment to search the forum before posting. You will find that this Boolean bug has been reported many (many) times over the past 2 weeks since 1.8 was released. The bug is fixed in the 1.8.2 Betas which are available now (in the Beta forum) or wait for the official release which I think will be very soon. For a quick fix, try rotating both shapes together by a fixed amount (say 15 degrees). Then do the subtraction, and finally rotate back.
  9. @Affin Preferences > Tools > Use shift key to cycle tool groups
  10. @RainerH I'd strongly recommend that you search the forum before posting. This Boolean bug has been reported many many (many) times already - and has been fixed in the latest Beta versions. You can either wait until the fix is released as a retail version, or grab the beta now from: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/33-designer-beta-on-windows/ Or for a quick fix: rotate both shapes together to an arbitrary angle (try 15 degrees) then add, and finally rotate back to zero.
  11. Just checked again on my system, after a reboot, and still get the same freeze. Perhaps a few more people could give it a go and see what happens?
  12. It has been requested a number of times over the years. Hopefully we will get more parametric shapes at some point - including a spiral.
  13. With the Fill Tool, look on the context toolbar, and set Context to Fill & Frame (rather than Fill & Text).
  14. Looks like a known bug. Workaround in this thread...
  15. 1. Start a new document. 2. Add a Mask Layer 3. Scribble a curve with the vector brush 4. Undo Result: Designer freezes and must be killed via Task Manager Same result in Beta
  16. All beta forums are accessible by simply browsing the forums (menu top left). Top post is always sticky and links to beta download. Here's a link to Designer on Mac… https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/15-designer-beta-on-mac/
  17. Interesting. Mac or Windows? The bug seems most pronounced when the rectangle is white. Does that look any different on your system?
  18. Look at this file (saved with history). APu Drop Shadow Bug.afpub
  19. This is not correct - Affinity always works at full 64-bit precision, so there are many decimal places happening behind the scenes. If you want to view more precision you can set your preference in… Edit > Preferences > User Interface I follow the procedure that you describe and get a perfect result with no offset. Can you provide your file for us to look at?
  20. This looks like a bug as the same operation in Affinity Designer works correctly. Outer Shadow overlapping any other shape appears darker than it should. << Affinity Designer = Correct << Affinity Publisher = Bug
  21. The Boolean operations are buggy in 1.8 retail release. They have been fixed in the 1.8.2 Betas, which should become official releases soon.
  22. Further to original bug report… The issue seems to be that some of the nodes are "backwards". Screenshot of an adding external rounded corners to an expanded stroke, of a 20px pentagon, in Beta Notice how 2 corners are convex (correct) and 3 are concave (incorrect).
  23. This has always been the case with Affinity text frames. It seems to be "by design" that whitespace is ignored, and only visible characters are wrapped.
  24. @dominik Feather only affects the edge of a shape, where Guassian blur will affect everything. On a simple shape, as shown there is no effective difference, but try giving your shape a bitmap fill, and you will see that this too gets blurred. This 2009 page from Xara shows the difference… http://outsider.xara.com/tutorials/may09/feathering.htm
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