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  1. You may also be able to get a refund from the Microsoft Store, depending upon when you made the purchase etc.
  2. Although the drop-down list may stop at 400, you should be able to type whatever value of DPI you wish into the relevant box.
  3. No not using Huion Tablet, just scribbling with the mouse. Just checked again (following my recipe) and still getting the same result.
  4. It doesn't feel intuitive - Merge Visible suggests that I'll end up with the result looking the same as the unmerged version. Also the text in help specifically says "layers merge down into the lowest layer" which is not the current behaviour.
  5. Hi @EricBa, From your description we have little to go on. Can you post the problem file? Or a video screen capture showing the issue? If I had to guess… Have you enabled Lock Children? Or perhaps Transform Objects Seperately? Are any of your layers Locked?
  6. Yes I am getting the same behaviour shown in the video. EDIT TO CLARIFY: I can select multiple objects, but when I hold Shift to add to that selection everything is instantly deselected, and the new marquee also selects nothing. I experienced this in an earlier Beta, but had convinced myself the problem went away. It hasn't! Something is very broken!!
  7. Would be really nice to see the original for comparison
  8. I can't answer your question, but having the post title "John" is not going to direct many people to try and help! Perhaps something more descriptive like "Duplicate icons after update to v1.8"?
  9. I think the merge order is following the order in which you select the layers, rather than the order in the layer stack. I guess Select All Layers is selecting in a peculiar order - so in your example the top layer is being merged, but behind the other layers, which totally eclipse it. I think it must be a bug, since the help says… To merge selected layers: On the Layers panel, select multiple layers using -click or -click. From the Layer menu, select Merge Selected. The selected layers merge down into the lowest layer in the selection.
  10. Yes. Just ensure both / all the objects are selected, then select the nodes you want with the Node Tool using any of the available methods (details shown in the status bar). Have you tried? If you didn't manage it can you explain what happened, or better yet post a screen capture?
  11. 2 ways. Either copy the object which already has the gradient, and then Edit > Paste Style to the object that you want to have the same gradient. Or, save the gradient in the Swatches Panel… https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/Panels/swatchesPanel.html First part of this GIF shows saving a gradient to a palette in the Swatch Panel.
  12. Nobody knows because there has never been a major upgrade! Serif have also been very generous throughout the 1.x cycle with frequent sales and offers (just look at the current 50% off!), so I have no doubt they will look after their customers when the time comes. I would also anticipate at least one further update in the 1.x cycle.
  13. I'm not seeing that here. Are you sure you aren't adding a new HSL adjustment rather than editing the original one? Can you describe the exact steps you are taking? Or post a screen capture?
  14. 2nd one pops much more. Crisper, brighter, more vivid colours, without looking over-processed.
  15. No. DirectX12 should work just fine. Can you describe the problem further? Is the installation failing? Or does the software install, but fail to launch the application? Is there any error message?
  16. When Text is de-synced from a symbol it loses sync of: position, size, font, colour, contents etc. But you can work around this by using Text Styles in combination with Symbols. See…
  17. There is another method: if you have a filled shape or path with a stroke then you can Control + Click on the layer thumbnail. This will select all pixels with >50% transparency on that layer. Sometimes this is quicker / more appropriate method. It also doesn't lose the original shape. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Selections/selections_fromlayers.html
  18. Yes… https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Selections/selections_fromshapes.html
  19. There are also very powerful snapping options available on the context toolbar of the node tool. For example: Snap all selected nodes when dragging, which can be combined with any of the global snapping options, such as Snap to Bounding Box > Mid Points. Just make sure you select all the nodes first if you want the whole shape to move (Ctrl + A or drag a marquee).
  20. Isolation Mode is pretty lacking in Affinity at present. There have been many requests for improvements over the years ( https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=isolation mode ). Since we are currently in a global self-isolation-mode, what better time for the devs to give this feature a little love?!
  21. @GentleGiantEd did you rotate the canvas 180 degrees? Or did the image open rotated 180 degree relative to the thumbnail / navigation panel?
  22. Definitely a better default for bitmap fills. Can be over-ridden with Ctrl + Rightmouse modifier (on PC).
  23. @Sean P Yes I think you are right - it is the Expand Stroke creating inside-out corners which is the problem, rather than the corner tool itself. Still present in 1.8.2 so I hope this can be fixed asap.
  24. Hi @reallydamngood I looked at your file, and can see that the pattern is displaced as you describe. I then un-nested all the bananas and monkeys from the rectangle. I deleted all the copies leaving just 4 original objects (1 monkey on left, 1 banana in corner, 1 banana on left, 1 banana on the bottom). I grouped each bunch of bananas and the monkey to make them easier to handle. I duplicated each object and added the 100mm offset (either x or y or both, as required). I nested everything back inside the rectangle. As you can hopefully see, the pattern tiles perfectly. So I guess , something went wrong when you added the offsets? Ampa Pattern.afdesign
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